Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here Comes The Cost Of Obamacare The Left Didn't Think About

Our Insurance Premium Jumps

As insurance keeps going up in cost at near record levels business are trying to figure out how to pay these added costs. Everyone on the right knew this would happen and we knew we would all pay the price for obamacare. The Democrats said obamacare would bring down costs or hold them the same. I want to look and think about how this will effect us over then next 4 years. Costs are going up and they will keep going up at record levels because they are anticipating "pain" when obamacare starts to really kick in. We will debate after obamacare kicks in at another post. I want to make this easy for the left to understand so I will show them how it will hurt them. Since that is all they care about,"me,". The insurance companies have to cover more people now at Ford Motor Company,kids up to 26 years old. That adds cost to the insurance company that at most must be "trickled down" to Ford M Comp. Now Ford is doing well compared to the other two companies. So Ford has profit that in the union contract must be shared with all the UAW members. Oops,costs go up and that is your money now. And for now the UAW,and other unions,doesn't have to pay the same "Cadillac" tax. And what will contract time look like over the next 4 years when insurance keep going crazy high? But Ford could be forced to push the added costs onto the Ford cars made here. Insurance adds over $2,300 cost per vehicle. Can Ford keep jobs in this country with that added cost of production? Are we the people that buy Ford going to be that generous with their hard earned money? See the union needs to bank on Fords profitability for a shared profit. But that isn't how they like to work. Don't worry,say the liberals,the Fed will bail out Ford if that happens. Yes that may be true,for now. But what about the other things we buy that we will have to bear the brunt of it on? What about the companies and workers that just can't afford any more costs? Do they leave the country? Do they keep raising costs? We told you obamacare would negatively effect the economy! And what will the unions do when it's found unconstitutional to tax one "Caddilac" plan and not the unions "Caddilac" plans? Do you really think you wouldn't have to pay the same taxes as everyone else? This is just a way for the Democratic Party to scub their hands clean of it. And like a mob of mindless zombies the unions will come out in full force and violent vigor to demand a single payer to stop raising costs. Smiling arm and arm they will all go to work cheering the fact that the Democrats took their great health care plans and gave them nationalized health care. Ah, they will have the same health care system that the EU is abandoning now. "But look at their birth rates",they say.  Better yet just look at it all, and then tell us it's better then what you had! Remember the good old days people, we just went past them.

Quayle Ad: 'Barack Obama Is the Worst President in History'

The youth are going to pay for our mistakes. It's time the youth wake up and become conservative or they will be given a debt that they can never repay. All they need to do is look at all the spending and union payoffs that are being billed to the next generation. But they didn't call them the "ME" generation for nothing.