Former President Bill Clinton is turning his sights on the stagnant U.S. Economy
Bill Clinton, who on Sunday was one of the strongest supporters of Obama's jobs bill, said his tax plan "is a little confusing." Clinton and other Democrats realize that you don't tie onto a sinking ship unless you want to go down with it.

Clinton also said: “I personally don’t believe we ought to be raising taxes or cutting spending until we get this economy off the ground,". If we cut government spending, which I normally would be very inclined to do when the deficit’s this big, with interest rates already near zero you can’t get the benefits out of it."
Clinton said he wants the government to take steps to help underwater homeowners — who are ignored by both the Democratic and Republican jobs plans.
"I don’t think you can tax or cut taxes, I don’t think you can spend or not spend enough to get America back to a full employment economy until we flush that debt," he said.
“What I would like to say to the president and Speaker Boehner is, O.K., you both have your deal. Go work it out. Meanwhile focus on putting Americans back to work because it just confuses Americans. Americans lost the fact that whatever you feel about this millionaire surcharge, it won’t solve the problem.”

For Clinton to break from Obama's jobs bill like this is a massive blow to Obama and the Democrats that are trying to back it. Obama and the Democrats have put a lot of effort into promoting and selling this jobs bill. What will they do now that the man that so many American look to has said it isn't a good bill? The laser isn't on jobs or the economy but rather on spreading wealth and helping the unions out again. Obama has become a far-left one note wonder on the economy and spending.

Thanks to the main stream media for hiding this fact. They have shown how partisan they are. Everything is pointing to the fact that Americans are getting tired of Obama and the Democratic Party. Make sure you email your Reps. and tell them that you don't like this jobs bill. Put some pressure on them to change their stance on this bill. If they are Democrats then remind them what Bill Clinton said about this idiotic jobs bill. Let them know that taking money away from the charities that feed the poor is wrong. Tell them that they must stop spending and lower our debt. Let them know that having the federal government take money out of the private sector isn't a fix. We must not put any more pressure on the companies that are creating jobs in this country. We want to bring companies here not run them off to another continent to produce their goods. Taking money out of the private sector so it can be spent by the federal government doesn't help anyone but those chosen few that get a pittance of what was taken from the private sector companies.