Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sen. Sessions Smacks Around Obama’s Budget Chief at Hearing

"Mr. Lew is flatly in error, and it cannot continue. And I hope that he and the president never repeats that this budget balances at any point in the ten years." This budget is nothing more then a talking point for liberals and the MSM. The fact is it grows our deficit every year. It looks like the Democrats don't want to do anything about our national debt, other then raise it. I've seen this all before when I lived in Japan in the 90's. The Japanese tried to buy their way out of a recession and they still haven't recovered. China has now taken the #2 economic position in the world. We can not spend our way out of this recession. That is a fact. High debt will harm our economy and national security. Fact. It has always lead to the fall of a country. Fact. The Democratic Party only wants to raise our debt, even though it will harm our country. Fact. The only opinion is why are the Democrats doing this? Are they just so weak of leaders that they can't take the political heat for cutting the budget? Or are they trying to turn our country upside down in order to implement a new form of government that is focused on "social justice", rather then the US Constitution as law of the land? By looking at what the Democratic Party has become over the last decade, I'd have to say both. They have the motive to overweight our economy with massive debt. And their actions and the outcome of their actions speak louder then their words. But their words also tell us it's both. This is the dream of Obama's father and mother. His mentor and grandparents dreams. It's the unfinished dream of Jimmy Carter and Woodrow Wilson. I'm not saying that these people hate America. I'm just saying that they want to see an America that is much different then the one that was created in 1776. They see America and Capitalism as a failure. They don't see the wealth and good that Capitalism has created. They just see the damage that capitalism has done to some. They think they can tame capitalism. Make a fair capitalism that were no one gets hurt. They think they have a better system. The problem is capitalism doesn't go down very easy.The only way they can implement their "better system of government and capitalism" is to take down the old capitalist system.  Think of it as a glass half full. They have been adding to it but it that doesn't work. So they need to empty the glass first and then they can fill it with their ideological system of "social justice". What do you think will happen when the states start begging for federal bailouts? Do you think that the states might have to give up something to get a bailout? How will that effect our national debt? Or will they just keep devaluing our dollar to pay off the states? The primer to start this new system will be the people. We can not sustain this debt. We couldn't sustain it when Bush did it. And this is just nuts what they are doing to the next generation and us. Here is a tool from the New York Times. See what effect cuts make to the budget. We have to make tough decisions now or we will be in bigger trouble later. Use this  tool from The New York Times that lets you see the kinds of cuts that need to be made (but no one is making!) in the budget.

Could Higher Food Prices Lead To American Unrest Like Egypt?

WASHINGTON (AP)---The World Bank delivered a stark warning of the impact of the rising cost of food Tuesday, saying an estimated 44 million people had been pushed into poverty since last summer by soaring commodity prices.
The group’s president, Robert Zoellick, says global food prices have hit “dangerous levels” that could contribute to political instability, push millions of people into poverty and raise the cost of groceries.
“Global food prices are rising to dangerous levels and threaten tens of millions of poor people around the world,” Zoellick said. “The price hike is already pushing millions of people into poverty, and putting stress on the most vulnerable, who spend more than half of their income on food.” By Meredith Jessup.  As the left-wing keeps pushing for a "revolution like Egypt's" there is one factor that will most likely turn the left-wings dreams of a revolution into reality. That factor is food prices inflating. Conservatives have been pointing to the rising food prices coming our way for some time now. The lefties said that inflation of food and gas wasn't coming. But the left also said that the bailout of GM and Chrysler would stop them from going bankrupt,that obamacare would bring down health insurance prices,that hiring Democrats to run our country would bring peace throughout the world and that the Stimulus I,II and III would fix our economy and put people back to work. If you have learned one thing over the years about the Democratic Party it's that they call it wrong more often then calling it right. Are you starting to see why only Clinton was the only Democrat to win two terms since Roosevelt?