Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Pigs

A Occupy Wall Street protester camped in Zuccotti Park tries to catch a little sun on an overcast morning in the financial district in New York, Tuesday.

Is this what the left-wing calls democracy? It's bad enough that there has been so much racism and lawlessness coming out of these protests, but come on do you have to destroy everything you touch? I'm sure part of their demands will now be toilets,showers,housing and food or they will just take what they think is owed them?

This video shows how these protesters think. They go after Geraldo and he was trying to get their views on their protests. He had two liberals on to try and explain what these liberals are trying to do. I think it is obvious that these people are just a mob of unhappy liberals that want free stuff and will stop at nothing to get what they demand. Even if it is against the law or infringes on someones civil rights. Let's not forget how the liberals treated John Lewis by not letting him speak. I still can't figure why they wouldn't let a black civil rights leader speak.

We are seeing what these people will do if they ever got power in the government.