Thursday, October 7, 2010

WATCH: O'Reilly Asks Napolitano If She'll Deport Illegal Alien Maid


Now does it sound like the Obama admin. knows what they are doing? Do you feel better knowing that Napolitano doesn't have a clue to her job? Or is she just protecting the Obama admin. from a hidden agenda? It's time we get Americans in office that put Americans first for a change!

WATCH: Union Militants Storm New Haven City Hall


New Haven, Connecticut, like so many other cities, is contending with public union contracts in the face of declining tax revenues. As a result, as is happening throughout the country, the mayor of New Haven is trying to re-negotiate those contracts. The public employee unions don’t like that.
On Tuesday, members of the AFSCME and UNITE-HERE stormed New Haven’s City Hall to protest.

These unions are getting out of hand. Are you ready for the time when these unions are actually told NO!? There will be violence when these union children don't get their way for once. I'm getting sick and tired of these unions bullying WE THE PEOPLE that pay their checks. I know the POS Democrats pay these unions off with our money to get their vote and to shut them up. But we are out of money and it's time we treat these unions with the same respect they have given us. We need to put pressure on our representatives to take control of these unions that have control of our purse strings. All I know is we better get ready for a Greece union reaction.

These Liberals Are Dangerous

Because nothing sells policy like, er, images of people killing childrenAndrew Bolt alerts Australian readers to the latest in marketing from anthropogenic global-warming activists, this time from a group with the ironic name ACT-Responsible.  Kind of makes one long for the days of polar-bear hugs, huh?

RGA Video: 'Remember November'


Source: Republican Governors Association        The Republican Party is coming after the socialist. What side are you on?

How Do You Create Jobs In This Country? Democrats Don't Know How

Seriously, if you can't understand how to create jobs and how jobs have been created then you need to get out of politics. But the truth of the matter is the Democratic Party is clueless on how to create jobs. Take a look at the presidents cabinet. He doesn't have ONE person in his cabinet that has ever worked in the private sector. The sector that creates jobs. This is the common difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Take for instance the two men running for Michigan's governor. Verge hasn't created a job in his life of professional politician. On the other hand Rick has made a great living creating jobs in this country and bringing business and money to our state. If you were in need of jobs, which every state in the union is, then you need to hire someone that knows how to do that. It's time we get rid of the people that THINK they know how to create jobs and hire people that KNOW how to create jobs. If we can get people in our government that can make it easier for Americans to make money, get rich and work then we will have enough money to pay for the things we need and maybe even the things we want as well. If you think punishing the people and businesses that create jobs is the best way to get this country back on top then you need therapy. As no one is that stupid and senseless. But if all you want is to take from hard working Americans in order to get what you wants then you need God. We must never kill the American dream just because some liberals want to take the dream without working for it.