Sunday, March 21, 2010

Media Lying About Racist Attacks on Black Reps By Tea Party Protesters…VIDEO PROOF


by Jim Hoft
It’s come to this…
The state-run media is now pushing their anti-tea party propaganda from sources at the anti-military Jew-hating conservative-hating Huffington Post. And, they’re reporting this propaganda without a single piece of evidence.
On Saturday the media reported without a shred of evidence that tea party protesters were shouting obscenities and “n***er” at black Representatives on Capitol Hill. The representatives said it happened as they walked from the Longworth office building to the Rayburn office building.
The Huffington Post is concerned that those conservative, church-going, taxpaying tea party protesters are using words like “slaughter” on their signs.
This McClatchy News story was one of the top articles on Yahoo on Saturday Night:
Tea party protesters use racial epithet against Georgia’s John Lewis
Demonstrators outside the U.S. Capitol , angry over the proposed health care bill, shouted “nigger” Saturday at U.S. Rep. John Lewis , a Georgia congressman and civil rights icon who was nearly beaten to death during an Alabama march in the 1960s.
The protesters also shouted obscenities at other members of the Congressional Black Caucus , lawmakers said.
“They were shouting, sort of harassing,” Lewis said. “But, it’s okay, I’ve faced this before. It reminded me of the 60s. It was a lot of downright hate and anger and people being downright mean.”
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver , D- Mo. , said he was a few yards behind Lewis and distinctly heard “nigger.”
“It was a chorus,” Cleaver said. “In a way, I feel sorry for those people who are doing this nasty stuff – they’re being whipped up. I decided I wouldn’t be angry with any of them.”
Protestors also used a slur as they confronted Rep. Barney Frank , D- Mass. , an openly gay member of Congress . A writer for Huffington Post said the crowd called Frank a “faggot.”
But, look at this…
Here’s video proof that these horrible leftists are liars:

No one screamed “n***er.” No one screamed “f*ggot.” No one was spit on.
Do you suppose the state-run media will correct their propaganda piece now?
Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver says he will not press charges for being spit on. That’s probably a good idea.
REMEMBER: These radical liars with stop at nothing to ram their socialist agenda down America’s throat. And, the state-run media will report their racist filth without question.