Saturday, July 31, 2010

Phyllis Schlafly's 'Unmarried Women' Remark Enrages the Left


Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly took aim at "unmarried women" at a recent fundraiser and in an interview with TPM, saying that they overwhelmingly support President Obama and are all on welfare. Democrats aim to exploit the comments to pressure the more than 60 Republican candidates who have earned Schlafly's endorsement.

"Unmarried women, 70% of unmarried women, voted for Obama, and this is because when you kick your husband out, you've got to have big brother government to be your provider," said Schlafly, president of Eagle Forum and infamous for her opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment.

A liberal organization recorded the Schlafly comments at a Troy, Michigan fundraiser Saturday for a Republican congressional candidate, the Detroit Free Press reported. In an interview with TPM this afternoon Schlafly stood by her comments and said Obama is trying to boost welfare rolls to help with his reelection and to help Democrats.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Must Watch: Rush Clears Up This Democratic Cover Smear Scam

It's not the Republicans fault. The Democrats are just using our first responders as cover for immigration. And the fact of the matter is the Republican party can't block anything alone. Thanks to Weiners rant this is becoming big news that the Democratic Party doesn't want covered. I have to say it does make the Democratic party look like scum of the Earth for trying to use this to make political gains. Well it backfired big time. And now the Democrats have this and Rangel to clean up. All the Democratic party has are these kind of radical antics. They can't run on their record that's for darn sure. and when the ruling party acts this weak and feeble it make our country look weak and feeble. If the Democrats would just get to fixing things instead of playing these stupid political games we might start fixing this country. This weiner has a lot of growing up to do and the Democratic party should be ashamed of themselves for what they tried to do with this bill. At least there were some stand up Democrats that voted this crazy bill down. It the only bi-partisan thing I've seen coming out of Congress. You know things are bad when the Democratic Party is split on their own bill.

Anthony Weiner Comes Unhinged Without His Meds.

If this is normal for a liberal then you all need help. This guy is nuts. The Democrats control Congress so why is Weiner only coming unhinged at the Republicans? Could it be he wants on the news cycle for MSNBC and CNN? It amazes me how Democrats can't place blame on themselves for anything even when they control Congress. It is just one another thing that shows how weak the Democratic Party is. Thank goodness they aren't running a company right now or they would have been fired by now. If a CEO made excuses like the Democratic Party does they'd never work again. And the sad thing is we the people voted these buffoons in charge of our country.

FBI Can Now Snoop In Your Email and Web Surfing

Do you remember how the Democrats cryed about Bush when he snooped on foreign phone calls? I wonder if they will be as upset now that Obama has made it OK for the FBI to go into your emails and computer without a warrant? I'm sure they will protest this with as much vin and vigor as they did under Bush. This is incredible. The left are most likely not worried about this. But once the Republicans take back the government they will be all over it.  I'm sure we have nothing to worry about with this regime. And when the tide is turned for our liberal friends we will do as mu ch as you did when the shoe is on the other foot. If you think the Republicans wont use it just like the Democrats then you are batshit crazy. So if I was a left wing blogger I'd want this overturned sooner then later because we all know it wont turn out good for any of us. This is something we should all protest about. Obama expanded the Patriot Act and the left said nothing. It's time to realize that the Republicans will misuse this power as much as the Democrats will. They will just turn it on different Americans.  Lets see what the left wing media and bloggers do about this and then judge them on their reaction to this unconstitutional law.  Wake up America and that means you Democrats as well.             By Pete  Yost, The Associated Press    WASHINGTON - Invasion of privacy in the Internet age. Expanding the reach of law enforcement to snoop on email traffic or on Web surfing. Those are among the criticisms being aimed at the FBI as it tries to update a key surveillance law.

With its proposed amendment, is the Obama administration merely clarifying a statute or expanding it? Only time and a suddenly on guard Congress will tell.

Federal law requires communications providers to produce records in counterintelligence investigations to the FBI, which doesn't need a judge's approval and court order to get them.

They can be obtained merely with the signature of a special agent in charge of any FBI field office and there is no need even for a suspicion of wrongdoing, merely that the records would be relevant in a counterintelligence or counter terrorism investigation. The person whose records the government wants doesn't even need to be a suspect.

The bureau's use of these so-called national security letters to gather information has a checkered history.

The bureau engaged in widespread and serious misuse of its authority to issue the letters, illegally collecting data from Americans and foreigners, the Justice Department's inspector general concluded in 2007. The bureau issued 192,499 national security letter requests from 2003 to 2006.

Weathering that controversy, the FBI has continued its reliance on the letters to gather information from telephone companies, banks, credit bureaus and other businesses with personal records about their customers or subscribers — and Internet service providers.

That last source is the focus of the Justice Department's push to get Congress to modify the law.

The law already requires Internet service providers to produce the records, said Dean Boyd, a spokesman for the Justice Department's national security division. But he said as written it also causes confusion and the potential for unnecessary litigation as some Internet companies have argued they are not always obligated to comply with the FBI requests.

A key Democrat on Capitol Hill, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy of Vermont, wants a timeout.

The administration's proposal to change the Electronic Communications Privacy Act "raises serious privacy and civil liberties concerns," Leahy said Thursday in a statement.

"While the government should have the tools that it needs to keep us safe, American citizens should also have protections against improper intrusions into their private electronic communications and online transactions," said Leahy, who plans hearings in the fall on this and other issues involving the law.

Critics are lined up in opposition to what the Obama administration wants to do.

"The FBI is playing a shell game," says Al Gidari, whose clients have included major online companies, wireless service providers and their industry association.

"This is a huge expansion" of the FBI's authority "and burying it this way in the intelligence authorization bill is really intended to bury it from scrutiny," Gidari added.

Boyd, the Justice spokesman, said the changes being proposed will not allow the government to obtain or collect new categories of information; rather it simply seeks to clarify what Congress intended when the statute was amended in 1993, he argued.

Critics, however, point to a 2008 opinion by the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel which found that the FBI's reach with national security letters extends only as far as getting a person's name, address, the period in which they were a customer and the numbers dialed on a telephone or to that phone.
The problem the FBI has been having is that some providers, relying on the 2008 Justice opinion — issued during the Bush administration — have refused to turn over Internet records such as information about who a person emails and who has emailed them and information about a person's Web surfing history.
To deal with the issue, there's no need to change the law since the FBI has the authority to obtain the same information with a court order issued under a broad section of the Patriot Act, said Gregory Nojeim, director of the Project on Freedom, Security and Technology at the Center for Democracy and Technology, a non-profit Internet privacy group.
The critics say the proposed change would allow the FBI to remove federal judges and courts from scrutiny of its requests for sensitive information.
"The implications of the proposal are that no court is deciding whether even that low standard of 'relevance' is met," said Nojeim. "The FBI uses national security letters to find not just who the target of an investigation emailed, but also who those people emailed and who emailed them."

Confidence In Government At All Time Low

President Obama and the current Congressional leadership were swept into office on a wave of dissatisfaction with George Bush and a Republican Congress. Polls showed that Americans were open to the idea of greater government intervention as a way to address serious problems. President Obama promised that he would expand the role of government to ‘fix’ health care, Wall Street, the economy, energy, and other challenges. A new poll from the liberal Center for American Progress shows that less than 2 years later, confidence in the ability of government to solve such problems has plummeted. Faith in the federal government is now at its lowest level in the history of the poll:

Americans increasingly feel that government ‘is doing too much:’

Americans are ambivalent about whether government protects or curtails freedom, but strongly believe that it is opaque rather than transparent, and serves special interests rather than the common good:
Respondents now say that regulation of business does more harm than good - and support for regulation generally is at its lowest point since 1994:
CAP also decided to poll test a straw man: to find out what percentage favors the complete elimination of government from the marketplace. Even here, the collapse of public support for government involvement in the market is stunning. Not only is support for government at its lowest level on record, it has fallen 10 points from its previous all-time low, and 22 points from just 2 years ago:

In the last 18 months, the American people have witnessed an enormous expansion of the federal government, and they’re clearly very negative about the experience. Whereas support for bigger government was at its apex when Obama was elected, it has completely collapsed. Americans continue to believe Uncle Sam has a role in regulating some private activities - that’s no surprise. But clearly the debate over health care, the stimulus, the bailouts, Dodd-Frank, cap and trade, and others, have sown new doubts about the power of Washington to bring positive change.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

WATCH: Chris Christie Tells Truth, NBC News Shocked


I really like this guy. What do you think about what he is talking about?

WATCH: Dems Launch Anti-Tea Party Strategy


Democrats have said they are running against George W. Bush this fall, or at least his policies. But on Wednesday, they’ll announce that they’re really running against the Tea Party.
Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine will argue at a morning news conference that “the positions espoused by the Tea Party [are] the governing platform of the Republican party,” according to a DNC official who relayed details of the roll out ahead of time to The Daily Caller.
Kaine’s tack is a swipe at House Republicans for not offering more specifics of how they would govern if they retake the House. But it’s also an attempt to force the GOP to own proposals by Rep. Paul Ryan — the Wisconsin Republican who is one of the few Republican lawmakers to propose a sweeping plan to tackle entitlements — combined with an effort to taint the GOP with some of the more radical positions taken by a few insurgent Republican candidates, notably Rand Paul and Sharron Angle, the GOP nominees for Senate in Kentucky and Nevada.“The Tea Party is now the most potent force in Republican politics,” the DNC official said. “While GOP leaders are still promising to hold town halls and online forums to develop a contract of their own, it’s already clear what that agenda will be based on what self-professed Tea Party adherents have said they stand for and the Republican adoption of the Tea Party.”The DNC will circulate a 10-point “Republican Tea Party Contract on America.” It includes a flier with the 10 points, a 30-second TV ad, and a website with supporting details that includes quotes from Republicans espousing each of the 10 points. It's not that the Tea Party is an arm of the Republican Party but more so the Democratic Party has pushed all moderates and conservatives away. The DNC can give us their best shot because we are taking our government back and if the DNC doesn't become more conservative then they will become obsolete like the Wigg Party. The DNC has alienated most of the country and now they want to take on the Tea Party? Not a smart move if you ask me. Most people agree with the Tea Party and if the Democratic Party want to become the antithesis of the Tea Party then please do. It will only make it easier for the Republicans to take more seat in Nov. and after. I can't wait for the Carter years ads to run. Most of the kids now don't remember what Carter and his liberal policies did to small and large businesses alike. I'm sure a documentary will come out soon to target those years and how the Carter liberal policies killed the money makers in this country. Just like the Obama liberal agenda and policies are killing small and large businesses now. Just try and find one business that likes the liberal policies of Obama's. Finding a happy business owner right now is as hard as finding proof that the Tea Party called out racist epitaphs to the black caucus.

SEIU Posts AZ Propaganda Video Linking GOP With Fascists


Who would have thought the unions would get involved? And most union members agree with the Arizona law. Here come the purple shirt, are you ready?

Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll Proves Democrats Are 25% More Racist

An LA Times poll shows that 4% of Democrats and only 3% of Republicans would refuse to vote for a black presidential candidate. That makes Democrats 25% more racist. That also means that there are about 3 million Democratic party racist in this country. I wonder what the NAACP will do about this fact? I'm sure they will get right on a resolution ASAP. And I'm sure all you left-wingers that called Republicans racist will take it all back now that there is proof of the opposite. Don't let facts get in your way of calling us racist from now on. We wouldn't want to take away your favorite talking point now would we?

The Lies Rachael Maddow and MSNBC Have Told Their Viewers

I was watching the Maddow show last night. She had a guy on for her that night. They had a guy on there that was pushing European Socialism as being good for this country. The host,I don't know his name nor do I care, came out and said socialism is a good thing because Europeans work 1500 hrs. a year vs. our 2,000 hrs we in America work. They felt that we work way too much in this country and that is why we need socialism. So they want to make it mandatory for all of us to get long vacation times and short work weeks. Why? Why do they want to force a work ethic on us. If they don't want to work 2,000 hrs a year or more then don't. Why make us do it? Why is it we have to live their lifestyle? And if you hate the American way and you can't live here then don't. Just get a tourist visa to Europe and never leave. That is what they do here. Or you can live your life and we can live ours. That's what America used to be about before the left tried to make us live like them. But we all know this isn't about working less. The left want us all to become socialist because it serves them. Right now in this country if you don't work you don't get paid,for the most part. They can't have that now can they? They want their American pie and eat it too. They want what they want and they don't think they should work for it. This is about taking from the "rich" so they can have more and do less to get it. If I'm wrong about this please let me know. I'd hate to be saying something wrong since that seems to be MSNBC's job.

70% Of Americans Are Racist According To The Left

I know it's hard to believe but this country is mostly racist according to the left. The left also say that that 70% are against immigration as well. It's all about our hatred for the brown people. America has become a melanin hating nation. Even the dark legal immigrants are becoming racist against their own kind because we support the Arizona 1070. My gosh this sounds a lot like The Weather Underground manifesto to me. Thank goodness we have a president that is post racial to sue Arizona against the 70% of American racist supporters. And all the violence coming from these illegal immigrant rallies is nothing compared to the Tea Party violence. Even though Mexicans are calling us racially charged names and holding racist signs it's the Tea Partiers that are "dangerous". I'm wondering how Obama's approval rating went from 70% to 42%? Is that racism as well? But thanks too the left we all see how many racist we have in our country. After I write this post I'm going to call up all my black family members I'm sorry for being a racist. My black friends will also get that call. And I will need to write the 8 foreign exchange students we've hosted in our home because they all had darker skin then us. I'm going to demand that my white cousins give back their black adopted children because they are part of that 70% of America that agrees that it's illegal to be an illegal resident in this country. But I thank all the liberals out there for enlightening me. I never knew I was such a racist until Obama became president and the left started calling me a racist. All along I thought we all came from Adam and Eve and color meant nothing in the scheme of life and in society. I'm such a fool for not seeing what the left so clearly see in us. I'm sure I was just overcompensating for my racism by having so many people of color close to me. And for me to think that if you are living in America you should learn the language was just plan hateful of me. I know when I went to Mexico for 1 week with my then wife to be I learned Spanish. I even asked my wife to marry me in Spanish. And when I went to Korea I learned Korean. I learned Japanese,Swahili,Chinese... And because of my racism and hate for "immigrants" I have learned how to say hello in almost every language so I can make our legal immigrants feel welcome to this country. I was a legal immigrant in Japan so I know what it's like. So thank you left wing for showing me the way to rightiousness the liberal way. Now if I could ask one thing from the left? The dark skinned people from India, are they black,brown or what? And the black Hispanics are black or just Hispanic? And if a white guy was born in South Africa and they become a legal immigrant,are they African-American even though they are white? And in what class does the mulatto fall under? Does it depend on how dark their skin is or what percent of African is in their blood? And what should I do about my belief in the Holy Bible when it comes to us all being one blood? Sorry for my ignorance in this subject but I'm new to your liberal klan and I don't want to make any stupid mistakes. Oh what about Asians and Indians? I know scientifically their are only three groups Caucasoid,Mongoloid and Negroid and Asians and Indians fall under Mongoloid. How should the left treat them? Can they be racist against blacks and whites? And in the liberal mind if I'm called a "cracker" by a black, brown or yellow person is that racism or not? Dang this liberal who's who is tricky. Do you have a play book I could read? Is their an outfit that comes with the book so people know I'm not a racist? Maybe a scarlet letter A or an old native American symbol like the Germans used. That brings up another question. Is it OK to hate the Jews now? They are dark skinned but I've noticed they get picked on by the left all the time. And when the left go after the Jews is it the color of their skin,their religion or just their national origin you lefties hate? You know what? This liberal lifestyle is just too complicated for me. I think I'll just stay the way I am and go with the one blood theological way of thinking. Now I'm going to go out in the Sun so I can look more beautiful with darker skin. But for any of you liberal/Progressives out there please answer the questions for me if you can. They still need to be answered so we all know what is going on in those heads of yours. At least with the skin-heads and the Black Panthers I know where they are coming from. You on the left I haven't got a clue where you minds are on this subject. Please enlighten us all so we can understand your views of the 70% of American racist that agree with the Arizona law. God bless.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Don't Forget To Vote This Aug.3 We Will Make A Difference:Mark Snay For County Commissioner

I have found someone I knew in high school that is running for County Commissioner as a Republican. He is running against a RINO that has been in politics his whole life. This is who I'm voting for on Aug.3 in the primaries. We need to get involved early. We need to pick who is running for the Republicans. He is just a person like you and I that is fed up with politics as usual. He is running this campaign on his dime so he wont owe anyone anything. That is principled and that is the kind of person we need in Macomb County, Mi. Not Jim Perna who left the Democratic Party in 2006 to become a RINO. I'm getting sick of these RINO's getting into office because they are connected to the progressive political machine here in Macomb county. If you live in our district please pass the word around about Mark Snay. He is the underdog and could use all the help you can give him. His phone # is 586-404-3656 if you have any questions.
Here is what he stands for and who he is.
I believe that my varied work experience and current focus on technology and operations make me a logical choice to serve the citizens of Macomb County. These are areas where "good enough" and "worry about it later" are not an option. In my role I must solve the problem and achieve success or the business suffers. My departments must always be a step ahead as they are the infrastructure and foundation everything is built upon.  I have a track record of cutting costs and improving efficiency by working smarter and not harder. Contrary to popular belief cost cutting doesn't always mean eliminating jobs. I will bring fresh ideas and the knowledge of what businesses need most to compete in this new economy.
We must get creative and examine what other communities have done, nothing can be off the table. We must evaluate and review what we do everyday to make the best use of our limited resources. I have found that a fresh set of eyes and an independent view is often needed to find the flaws in a process that appears to work well enough. The old way of doing things may no longer be the best or most cost effective. Change is coming and tough choices will have to be made, that is what leadership is all about. The right choice may not be popular but you must have the courage to make it and stand behind it.

We are all in the same boat so let's grab an oar and start pulling in the direction of success together.

Fiscal Reform:
Government must learn to live within it's means just like you and I. We pay enough taxes and you will not find me voting for any increases. When we run short we stop spending – what a novel concept?

We need all we can get and can't be selective with the choices we need union and non-union. Macomb must be considered a business friendly environment. Permits need to be processed in a timely manner and we cannot over regulate. Oversight is necessary and is the duty of government but it must be effective and measured.

Long Term Debt:
We must engage our labor unions in honest, realistic negotiations. We cannot continue to look at things a contract at a time and hope that everything will just work out in the end. We must project 10 - 20 years ahead and structure agreements we can all live with. The current system is unsustainable and if left unchecked could lead to draconian cuts or measures as drastic as bankruptcy or receivership. Don't laugh these are real discussions taking place all around the country. World example - Greece.
"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail."

Monitor the new Charter:
We must be very diligent and keep things in check. I will work to ensure that the result is not larger government with increased spending, taxes and perks tagging along.

Low taxes / No new Taxes:
Know anyone that is asking to pay more taxes? Neither do I yet governments love to be sneaky like taxing business whenever they can. The pitch is that only business has to pay not the average Joe. Too bad that increased operating cost means prices go up and guess what you just had a tax increase. The politician looks good as they collect more revenue that is until customers go elsewhere and the business fails. Low taxes attract and high taxes repel this applies to homeowners as well. Who wants to move to a community with outrageous taxes? I'll tell you - NO ONE!

Regional Cooperation:

We need all our municipalities healthy and viable and real solutions are required. Simply transferring the tax burden from community to another solves nothing. The problems with illegal drugs within our county has increased crime and puts tremendous pressure on law enforcement. I believe the county must lead by example and encourage cooperation and collective efforts to solve critical issues like this. 
Safety / Schools / Services:
In addition to low taxes families looking to relocate want safe areas with good schools. They expect and deserve good services as well. Shouldn’t we be entitled to something more for our tax dollars?Roads:
Why are our streets and highways in a constant state of disrepair? I have been to several other cold weather states and all have better roads than we do. I for one would like to know why. Not only do we incur the maintenance expense there is the soft cost of lost revenue for businesses and the negative impact on those traveling these roads.

Michigan’s biggest asset is water yet we fail to treat it that way until someone wants it. Metropolitan beach for example is closed on a regular basis due to pollution and the Clinton River is a mess. We are wasting golden opportunities for revenue sources as well as safeguarding a very precious resource. 
"Who the heck are you and why should I vote for you"

Boy I only get those questions about ten times a day. Let me answer as quick and easy as possible.

Unlike my opponents I am not a politician or well connected public employee. I am just a hard working guy with a young family who is tired of watching my tax dollars wasted. I have spent the last 25 years working in the private sector where job performance and hard work is the key to success not who you know. You will notice that of the 3 candidates I am the only only making my beliefs and positions available to the public on the web and in the newspaper. I'll admit you will not see as many pretty signs and literature from my campaign. I believe the message is what is most important and that is what I am focused on delivering as widely as possible. I am funding this campaign myself, rejecting public and private funds. When approached with offers for fund raisers and my answer is always the same. "If you want to put forth that effort please find a struggling family or neighbor that needs it. I'm just applying for a job." Sadly today they don't have to look far to find someone. I will be the only candidate that won't owe any favors or be influenced by special interest groups or labor unions. My loyalty will be to ALL the voters and I will base every decision on what is best for the community as a whole.  I also won't blindly follow the party line if the end result is the wrong answer.
Have you noticed that the names always seem to be the same around election time. Now we have multiple generations running for office. I know times are tough but is getting a regular job really such a bad thing?I think that our political system is broken because as a society we have failed to do our job. We have allowed politicians to make false promises and have rewarded poor performance with re-election rather than disdain. Public service is now a life choice and we sit by as those in power regularly move from seat to seat as they are pushed out by term limits or the desire for higher office.  We no longer attract the best and brightest minds because elected office has become a question of connections, money. 
I don't think you can serve the people if your focus is on retaining your job until you find a better one. When elected I don't just expect to be held accountable I will demand it. I intend to hold regular "coffee nights" at local establishments where we can sit down and discuss issues important to you.  How can you do the work of the people if you don't know what is needed?

All Conservatives Need To Read This It's Their Playbook:You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way Manifesto

Please take the time to read this Progressive Manifesto. It will tell you where these radicals in the admin are taking us and how they will get us their. Also take note as too who wrote this manifesto and their close connections to the Obama admin. I'd also like any of you bloggers to post it on you blog and send it to your email list. This is something we all need to read.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chris Wallace With Howard Dean

Fireworks on 'FNS'!
Starts at 3:18   I love it when these Democrats get caught up in their own lies. The amount of misinformation these Democrats keep pushing is amazing. The video or the story never did go on Glenn Beck that day. So what is Dean smoking? The left better start getting their lies straight before they look like bigger buffoons then they already do. You really need to watch the whole video to get the full buffoon effect.

Paul Ryan Totally Schools Matthews on Econ 101

WATCH: Could the left be any dumber?

Chris Matthews on Monday got a much-needed lesson from Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., on how tax hikes impact the budget as well as the economy.

Appropriate? Obama Uses NBC News Anchor to Pitch His Policies


 A surprise video of Barack Obama was presented to the ultra-liberal radical gathering of the Netroots Nation in Las Vegas on Saturday that included MSNBC's Rachel Maddow listing his accomplishments.
What does it say about this administration that it wouldn't find it at all unseemly to use the most left-leaning television network, along with one of its most liberal hosts, to propagandize political conference attendees?
Unconcerned with the picture this painted, Obama told the gathering, "Change hasn't come fast enough for too many Americans...But I hope you take a moment to consider all we've accomplished so far." This is proof that the left is feeling tired. It's time to hit the gas and really make these liberals depressed.

I'm Tired

I just feel like quiting this blog sometimes. I keep trying to do my part and wake up Americans to some of the facts that aren't being told about this admin and it's agenda. We all tried to stop the Stimulus bill and Obamacare without success. They have taken control of Wall Street without batting an eye. And in every 2,000 page plus bill they pass we find all kinds of things not related. If you would have asked me would I like to be an activist two years ago I'd say no. If you asked me if I like being an activist now I'd still say no. I wish I didn't feel the need to stand up for our rights but I do. I can't spell and my grammar sucks thanks to a disease that took that part of my memory away. I have other ailments that make it hard for me to do this. My talents are not writing if you can't tell. Writing is my handicap. But I kept on doing what I felt was right and needed. I didn't care when I first tried posting on left wing blogs how they made fun of me. Heck when I first started this blog i got abused by the left on how stupid I sound. But it's all good because when I've watched some of the NetRoots video and they are afraid of us. They are afraid that we will keep being peaceful in our protests. They are afraid that the blogs will keep shedding light on their left wing organizations like the Tides Group. But it doesn't feel like we are doing much when I see that Obamacare does have population controls built into the bill. I'm the kind of guy that does get along with everyone. And yet it seems like the Tea Party is hated by everyone but the American people. All the news stations but Fox hate us. All the Democrats in Congress hate us and the Republicans fear us like they should. But I find salice when I see that the left wing is more tired then we are. When NetRoots spends all of it's time talking about stopping us and our effect on them and their socialist movements I get re-energized. The left are finding harder and harder to get up in the morning and fight us. God knows I want to give up this fight and blog. I'm not going to let this government get what they want and then send the bill to my kids and grand kids,when I have them. I will not let our government raise our debt while limiting our future generations ability to pay it off. We have done nothing for our future generation other then indebted them for life. That is pure and simple slavery. And I will have nothing to do with that. America is waking up and the left is getting tired. So now is the time to fight harder. Now is the time to organize grassroots protests. Get together with some of your friends and protest. Make it as big as you can but it wont matter if there are 5 or 50 people protesting this governments actions. Take a chance and organize a small walk about with signs. Get together for some fellowship at you place of worship to discuss the effects of these new policies on your faith and what kind of action to take. Ask your pastor or priest if you can have an pro-life anti-obamacare rally in front of your Church. Invite the black faith based community organizations to protest this new genocide of the poor minorities. This is a great stepping stone towards coming together for a common cause. If you have a car show like we do dress your car up to tell them what you think. Make a statement about this admin and their agenda. Both sides are tired but we must keep on keeping on. We must use this time to push harder and make the left give up. Take a walk with a sign and tell the world what you think of the left wing agenda. Why wait for a Tea Party rally? And make up a shirt or buy one that represents your opinion on these leftest fools. And have fun doing it. The left hate it when we have fun pummeling them. I'm tired and I'm sure you are as well. But we must prop each other up, give encouragement and keep on keeping on. Because if we don't do it now then we will lose it all. Let us know what you have done weather it's just you going for a walk for a mile or two with a sign or you got a larger group together. But the time is now. God and Peace be with you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chavez warns of US oil cutoff in Colombia dispute

In this photo released by Miraflores Press Office, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez... (AP Photo/Miraflores Press Office, Efrain Gonzalez)
CARACAS, Venezuela  — President Hugo Chavez threatened on Sunday to cut off oil sales to the United States if Venezuela is attacked by its U.S.-allied neighbor Colombia in a dispute over allegations that Venezuela gives haven to Colombian rebels.
Chavez made his warning in an outdoor speech to thousands of supporters, saying: "If there is any armed aggression against Venezuela from Colombian territory or anywhere else supported by the Yankee empire, we ... would suspend shipments of oil to the United States!"
"We wouldn't send another drop of oil to its refineries, not a single drop more!" Chavez shouted, adding that the United States is "the big one to blame for all the tension in this part of the world."                                                                                                                                                        What? Isn't Hugo a close friend of Obama's now? I thought they were getting along since Hugo has said that Obama is more socialist then he is. I thought for sure all that bowing and apologizing would work to bring in a new Ara of peace to the world. Wasn't that the Obama's main and only strategy for peace with our enemies? I'm sure the left are saying the same thing. The only difference is I don't mean it. The conservatives have been saying how stupid the bowing and apologizes were and that they would only show weakness to our enemies. It sure does look like we were right again. We were right on obamacare and the stimulus being a epic fail and now this. It looks like Obama and the Democrats are leaving a bigger mess then they came into. We are closer to another world war now then ever. I hope you are prepared for the future because the Obama admin and the Democratic Party are hellbent to take us to a place where we don't want to go.

You Can Sue Abortion Clinics For Giving You An Abortion. Hurray!

Psychological problems post-abortion have been proven in previous research, but David Reardon of the Stop Forced Abortions Alliance reports that Nebraska women can now rely on the courts for relief, "especially if they feel coerced into abortion or had any of the risk factors predicting psychological problems after abortion, such as negative moral beliefs about the abortion, feeling pressured into the abortion by other people, history of depression, [or] being an adolescent."

David Reardon (Elliot Institute)He adds that there are other statistically proven risk factors for abortion, yet most clinics in the past have not been screening for them. But a new law provides that failure to screen gives women the right to sue. Reardon points out that previous reports about federal court orders barring the entire law are wrong.

"The only thing that the federal injunction [does is that it] prohibits the attorney general and the Department of Health from taking the license or trying to prosecute the abortion facility, Planned Parenthood [or their nurses] as the plaintiff," he explains.

The measure prohibits the state from shutting down the abortion facility, but it provides redress for the woman in the court system. The pro-lifer believes Nebraska has set the pace, and he feels similar laws are desperately needed in other states.
 You've got to love it. Nothing like turn about for these abortion clinics and the left wing that support them. Abortions may soon become too expensive to perform because of law suet's from past abortion patients. We pro-life activist need to get the word out to all the women that have gotten abortions in the past that they can sue the clinic that did them if they became depressed or if they just realized they killed their baby and got a conscience. This will most likely happen in every state of the union and it will cost too much to do abortions without making them illegal. It's a shame that the Democrats lied to us about obamacare having abortions in the bill but that is what they get. Maybe a pro-life lawyer will advertise just for those kinds of law suet's and really put a hurt on the industry of baby killing. Sue baby sue it's time to put some hurt on this abortion industry that puts 80% of their abortion clinics in minority areas. I'm sure those poor women will see the value in maybe a class action law suet. I hope I get on a jury with one of these law suet's because I'll make someone a rich person. Abortions will still be legal just too expensive to do. Now I'm sure the left wing will have a problem with this tactic since they are the inventor of it but too fricking bad. The abortion industry is a sick industry that needs some of it's own medicine.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

North Korea Thinks We Have Become Weak

A U.S. Navy helicopter flies over the Nimitz-class USS George Washington for joint... (AP Photo/ Lee Jin-man). North Korea has already given a declaration of war to our friend South Korea with little more then a funny look from President Obama. Could this all be part of the Obama plan? Could this be the Democratic Parties plan to create jobs and lower the unemployment? Nothing like a world war to get everyone working again. Nothing like a common enemy to rally Americans to him. Now I don't believe any of this but many left wing blogger believe these things. But they think it's the Republican party pulling strings behind the scenes. Thing sure aren't getting better around the world that's for sure. But to blame the Republicans,Dick Cheney and Haliberton is just stuck on stupid funny. Our friends and enemies not only don't respect us they don't fear us anymore either. Now if North Korea blows up one of our or South Korea ships what will we do? Will we just sit there all stupid debating NK intentions? Will we sanction them with teeth this time? Will we blame Bush and look to the UN for guidance? Or will we beat the living shit out of that country until they can't stand up against us again? And if we blow them deeper into the third world this time we better not rebuild them. War could become these countries recovery strategy since they know we rebuild countries we go to war with. Now one comment I seen from a lefty blogger is that a war with NK and China would help slow down China's economy and population growth. Are we really just like locusts to the left? Would "Mother Earth",a pagan god, really be better off if millions of people in China die and stop using energy? We have all seen what the left is capable of doing so be prepared for anything. These are crazy times. It wouldn't take much to send the world into WW III. Pray for peace and our enemies.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rangle Can't Believe MSNBC Would Ask A Real Question

RUSSERT: But you are not worried about losing your job?

RANGEL: What are you talking about? Are you just trying to make copy? What job? The one I got?

RUSSERT: Yeah, these are potentially very serious violations.

RANGEL: How do you think I got my job? I was elected. How do you think I lose it?

RUSSERT: Well, there's two ways, you can lose it if your colleagues voted you out of here because of ethics violations or if your constituents don't support you.

RANGEL: What station are you from?


RANGEL: Well, you're young. I guess you do need to make a name for yourself, but basically you know it's a dumb question and I'm not going to answer it.

RUSSERT: How is it a dumb question?

RANGEL: It's allegations made by some people.

RUSSERT: Sir, sir, you did not file taxes on your properties in the Dominican Republic allegedly. If that comes to be true, is that not a problem?

RANGEL: It doesn't really sound like NBC asking these dumb questions.
Even Rangle knows MSNBC is a faux news station. He can't believe that a faux news station like MSNBC has finally ask a real question of a Democrat/liberal. Heck I can't believe it either. I wonder what would happen if all the news stations asked real questions of the Democrats instead of just being arm of the DNC? If the Democratic party loses the help of the MSM they are finished. Just look at the dumb look on Rangles face when he is asked those questions by a friend of the DNC. Priceless :-)

WATCH: Explosive Anti-Ground Zero Mosque Ad


Here is an explosive new video that lobbies Americans to not allow the building of a huge mosque across from Ground Zero. It details Islam’s history of building mosques at sites around the world it considers emblematic of Jihadist victory over enemies. The video suggests the desire to build a mosque across from Ground Zero would follow in that tradition. Opposition to the building of a mosque there continues to grow, and the issue promises to become an explosive one in upcoming campaigns.

Keith Olbermann Is "Misogynistic",Predictable" and "Pompous" Pappion(Buterfly)

The Daily Caller’s latest JournoList findings reveal that Keith Olbermann’s far left buddies find him to be “misogynistic”, “predictable” and “pompous”.
The Daily Caller: If you were one of the 400 members of the listserv Journolist, perhaps one of the most vicious insults you could hurl at a colleague is: You’re just like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.
If the reader holds neutral — or even positive — views about the Fox News hosts, the insult may not sting. But in the cloistered world of liberal listserv enclaves, Hannityism is a cardinal sin. After all, Fox is a “dangerous,” “deranged” “cesspool” that, possibly, the FCC should be investigating.
The feelings against MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, then, must run deep.
“He’s become O’Reilly on the left– completely predictable, unfunny, and arrogant,” said Georgetown University Professor Michael Kazin in May 2009. “To my mind, what they do is no different form Hannity and O’Reilly,” said the New America Foundation’s Michael Cohen, “At least Hannity and O’Reilly engage with the other side (if mainly just to yell at them). Olbermann is just an echo chamber.” [...]
The Nation’s Katha Pollitt began the group’s rant. “He and Michael Musto did this whole long riff about beauty contestant Carrie ‘opposite marriage’ Prejean’s breast implants, stupidity, breast implants, tacky clothes, earrings, breast implants. They went on and on about how she was ‘part plastic’ and pathetic. You’d think they were celibate vegans who spent their lives zen meditating. It was just a whole TV humiliation of her, and it made me feel sorry for her, which wasn’t easy,” Pollitt said.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Video: This Cannot Be Real…

I think I finally found a Republican the left would vote for. Maybe he's the lefts next messiah when Obama's gone. I'd love to see this debate on national TV or Pay-Per-View. Who said progressives and Republicans don't mix?  Cheers

Glenn Beck Comments On Obama's Financial Takeover (Reform) Bill

Can any liberal out there answer Glenn Becks Questions? I can't believe what I've read about it so far. Just remember which party gave you these bills. Tell you kids who gave us this kind of governance. Tell them so they never go down this path again. God help us get through this.

Wash. Times Op-ed: The Case for Impeachment

Eleven years ago, like every citizen elected to serve in Congress or any person appointed to any federal position, I swore an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic."

I've always thought it significant that the Founders included domestic enemies in that oath of office. They thought liberty was as much at risk from threats within our borders as from outside, and French political thinker and historian Alexis de Tocqueville agreed with that warning.

In the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the greatest threat to our nation was clear - and foreign. While Islamic terrorism still represents the greatest external threat to America and American lives, the avowed program of the Obama regime has changed the picture in a fundamental way.

For the first time in American history, we have a man in the White House who consciously and brazenly disregards his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution. That's why I say the greatest threat to our Constitution, our safety and our liberties, is internal. Our president is an enemy of our Constitution, and, as such, he is a danger to our safety, our security and our personal freedoms.

Barack Obama is one of the most powerful presidents this nation has seen in generations. He is powerful because he is supported by large majorities in Congress, but, more importantly, because he does not feel constrained by the rule of law. Whether he is putting up the weakest possible defense of the Defense of Marriage Act despite the Justice Department's legal obligation to support existing law; disenfranchising Chrysler and GM bondholders in order to transfer billions of investor dollars to his supporters in the United Auto Workers; or implementing yet a third offshore oil-drilling moratorium even after two federal courts have thrown out two previous moratoriums, President Obama is determined to see things done his way regardless of obstacles. To Mr. Obama, the rule of law is a mere inconvenience to be ignored, overcome or "transcended" through international agreements or "norms."

Mr. Obama's paramount goal, as he so memorably put it during his campaign in 2008, is to "fundamentally transform America." He has not proposed improving America - he is intent on changing its most essential character. The words he has chosen to describe his goals are neither the words nor the motivation of just any liberal Democratic politician. This is the utopian, or rather dystopian, reverie of a dedicated Marxist - a dedicated Marxist who lives in the White House.

Because of the power he wields over budgets, the judiciary, national defense and even health care, his regime and his program are not just about changing public policy in the conventional sense. When one considers the combination of his stop-at-nothing attitude, his contempt for limited government, his appointment of judges who want to create law rather than interpret it - all of these make this president today's single greatest threat to the great experiment in freedom that is our republic.


Jeffrey Kuhner: President's Socialist Takeover Must Be Stopped

President Obama has engaged in numerous high crimes and misdemeanors. The Democratic majority in Congress is in peril as Americans reject his agenda. Yet more must be done: Mr. Obama should be impeached.

He is slowly - piece by painful piece - erecting a socialist dictatorship. We are not there - yet. But he is putting America on that dangerous path. He is undermining our constitutional system of checks and balances; subverting democratic procedures and the rule of law; presiding over a corrupt, gangster regime; and assaulting the very pillars of traditional capitalism. Like Venezuela's leftist strongman, Hugo Chavez, Mr. Obama is bent on imposing a revolution from above - one that is polarizing America along racial, political and ideological lines. Mr. Obama is the most divisive president since Richard Nixon. His policies are Balkanizing the country. It's time for him to go.

Nullification: Interview with a Zombie

Unconstitutional law should not be inforced. The liberal zombie interviewer sounds just like the progressives on this blog.

Obama Admin Under Investigation For Racial Bias In Closing Car Dealers

The Obama administration, already under fire for unprecedented allegations of racial bias, faces a new bias claim from a most unlikely source: one of the administration's own inspectors general.

Decisions on which car dealerships to close as part of the auto industry bailout -- closures the Obama administration forced on General Motors and Chrysler -- were based in part on race and gender, according to a report by Troubled Asset Relief Program Special Inspector General Neal M. Barofsky.

More at link:                 I've been hearing about this for some time now as I know many of the car dealers  in my area that got closed down and the ones that stayed. It sure does look like that "social justice" is just reverse discrimination with a different name. Does it seem like we are "post racial" now? What gives the government the right to pick and choose winners? What gives them the right to pick those winners based on race or sex? Is this "social justice"? Do you really believe that equal justice is wrong  and we need the federal government to make things "right"? These dealers worked their butts off to build a business and the government steps in and closes them down. They paid a lot of money to start and keep their dealerships and now they have nothing but debt and large properties that no one wants. This is wrong no matter what party you belong to. And to discriminate based on sex and color is wrong no matter who it is against.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Internet Video: ACORN Storms Chase Bank Branch?

Just look at these animals. We will see a lot more of this kind of insurrection from the left wing activist. Who among you think that what these animals are doing is right? This is a business not a public arena. All I hear is "We want" from the left. If you ever see anything like this call the cops and then Fox news. Because the cops might not do anything but Fox News will. I'm just waiting for more riots when Obama and the Democrats inflame the left wing with more blame to business and the "wealthy". What gives the left the right to be prejudice towards the "rich". Do we not all have equal right in this country? This social justice is just another form of bigotry from the left. The "rich" give you jobs stupids. When will you understand? And this new financial control bill will make it impossible to give those idiots loans thanks the the Democratic party ands Obama. Those banks now get punished or sticking their neck out and giving mutts like that loans. Who do you think that will effect most? The slumlords are going to love this. I wonder why they aren't at Freddy and Fanny protesting? Or Chris Dodd's house and Rangle's. The Democratic party put the same people and entities in charge over the same financial system that the helped collapse. If it wasn't for the government making the banks give questionable loans we wouldn't be in this mess. And if you think that this bill fixes anything then ask yourself why isn't Freddy and Fanny written into the bill? If you can't see that this financial control bill is bad for this country and those idiots protesting then you are high or an idiot. And if these lieing POS tell us something about the bill ask where it is in the bill. Because this Congress and President have lied too us way too many time for us to even try and believe them. The will bang the Democratic parties drum without a reasonable thought to what they are doing. But they have so much hate in their heart for us that they can't even see it.

Riots Erupt in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. Violent protests erupted in Oakland with stores damaged and dozens arrested after a Los Angeles jury convicted a white former transit officer of involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

Prosecutors had wanted Johannes Mehserle convicted of murdering Oscar Grant. So Thursday's lesser verdict raised concerns of a repeat of the rioting that followed the shooting on New Year's Day in 2009 on an Oakland train platform. The trial was moved to Los Angeles following the riots.

Police in riot gear Thursday had maintained a watchful eye over a crowd of protesters as emotions ran high with about 500 people marching in the street. Members of a crowd near City Hall moaned and cursed when they heard the verdict.

Sporadic violence later broke out and police said they made 83 arrests throughout the night for violations that included failure to disperse, vandalism and assaulting a police officer.

At least a dozen businesses were damaged, including a looted Foot Locker store and a ransacked jewelry store, police said. Protesters also smashed the windows of a bank, set fires in several trash bins, and detonated a small incendiary device near a police station that caused no damage.

"This city is not the wild, wild west," said Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts. "This city will not tolerate this sort of activity."

Though police did not release a damage estimate, the protesting appeared to be much less severe than the rioting that hit Oakland after Grant was shot.

Even though the protests wound down late Thursday, Batts expected the number of arrests to double overnight.

During the trial, prosecutors said the 28-year-old Mehserle became angry at the 22-year-old Grant for resisting arrest. He was shot in the back while he lay face-down. Mehserle claims he mistakenly drew his gun instead of his Taser.
The writing is on the wall. If you aren't preparded for more of this kind of actions then you are taking a big risk. Prepare for the worse and pray for the best. And we have seen what kind of cold hearted bastards these liberals can be.

Rangel Charged with Ethics Violations


WASHINGTON — A House investigative committee on Thursday charged New York Rep. Charles Rangel with multiple ethics violations, a blow to the former Ways and Means chairman and an election-year headache for Democrats.

The committee did not immediately specify the charges against the Democrat, who has served in the House for some 40 years and is fourth in House seniority. The announcement by a four-member panel of the House ethics committee sends the case to a House trial, where a separate eight-member panel of Republicans and Democrats will decide whether the violations can be proved by clear and convincing evidence.

The timing of the announcement ensures that it will stretch into the fall campaign, and Republicans are certain to make it an issue as they try to capture majority control of the House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi had once promised to “drain the swamp” of ethical misdeeds by lawmakers in arguing that Democrats should be in charge.

Rangel led the tax-writing Ways and Means panel until he stepped aside last March after the ethics committee criticized him in a separate case — finding that he should have known corporate money was paying for his trips to two Caribbean conferences.

Officials said that in the current case, the committee and Rangel’s attorney tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a settlement. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private discussions. A settlement would have required Rangel to agree that he violated ethics rules.                                                                              It's time they fire this man. And go ahead you liberal POS call me a "Racist". If a Republican would have done this then he or she would have been thrown out on their butts. He is as crooked as they come and the Democratic Party is frigging crooked. I'm sure no one thinks he should stay. In fact it's time to throw all of them out. The whole Congress needs to go. Congress only have an 11% approval rating so stop voting in the incumbent.  This Congress has done nothing but screw up our country and they need to be taught a lesson. Fire them all in Nov and again in 2012.


 How do you explain the fact the unemployment keeps rising? The conservatives and Republican party the stimulus bill wouldn't work. Where is the proof that it did work? The new Democratic party have made things much worse then ever and they were forewarned buy conservatives. But Obama said that unemployment wouldn't go past 8% with the passing of the stimulus bill. When will you on the left admit to the fact the stimulus bill was nothing more then a big business and big labor payoff? when will you admin that it didn't work at all? Unless working mean growing government. And the stupid sheeple keep on believing everything the main stream media and the Democratic party tell them. There is proof that the main stream media has worked to withhold stories and to start stories that aren't true. But they keep on pushing their progressive ideology. The Democratic Party haven't done one thing to make our economy better. They have only used the economy to gain power for themselves and their friends and voters. They are pushing for more unemployment while putting more and more Americans out of work. We don't want unemployment or handouts. We want jobs. And as long as the Democratic party keeps on this path we will keep getting more and more people unemployed. I'd just like to know what kind of spin the Democrats will give on this new unemployment numbers. The true unemployment numbers are so high now that we are entering a depression not leaving one. And wasn't it just last week that Obama and the Democratic Party said we are coming out of this recession? How can any party be so wrong so often and still have idiots backing them up?

Congress and Obama Pass Financial Reform Bill To "Stop Government Bailouts"

So yesterday Obama signed the 2,000 page financial reform bill to "stop the government bailouts of Wall Street" according to Obama. Are you flipping serious? Does Obama and his uber rich left wing think that Americans are that stupid? We didn't need a 2,000 pg bill to stop the government bailouts the Democrats love to hand out to their big business and big labor. They just need to stop giving handouts to those big companies they love to hate. I can't wait to see what is in this monstrous bill. Just look at all the things Obama and the Democrats lied about in the health care bill. I haven't yet read the bill but I'm judging them on their past lies. Lies which the left haven't yet apologized for on this blog. No they rather point their fingers at something else other then ask for forgiveness for their lies of omission and commission. But the left see nothing wrong with their lies. They are too busy talking about "Faux News" when it has been the main stream media caught in faking news stories and hiding stories of Rev.J Wright. This is the game of the left. When they do something racist call the right racist. When they have been caught in repeated lies just call us liars. It's what I call the I Know You Are But What Am I tactic. But this is all a cover-up. We need to take a close look at this bill because when the left point in one direction we need to see what the real story is in their other hand. What is in this financial reform bill that they don't want us to see? And how will it effect our 401K's in the future? The Democrats talk about the little guy but help only the big business,big labor and big government. They talk about Pay-Go but refuse to use it. They talk about cutting the budget but they only have grown it. If you trust the Democratic Party maybe you need to put more money in the stock market. If you don't then you need to pull back and change your 401K arround to better represent your beliefs. I feel that this will harm business in America and help overseas companies . I have changed over my 401K to represent where I think the profits will go. We are spreading the wealth and my money is on those companies that will have an unfair advantage over the American companies. Look at where George Soros put his money. He put it in foreign oil companies(Petrobras)and foreign banks. If you find out anything or have an opinion of this new 2,000 pg bill please let us know. We need to be vigilant with this anti-business admin. We need to let everyone know what they are doing to our financial future and we need to show how it will effect us. The left will point us away from this story because the Democratic and the uber rich say too. But we need to know how this admin and the Democratic machine does things and counter it with the truth.
We conservatives work together to put a light on the lies of the left. We need to pay attention to what they are doing and not what they are saying.

Oh Crap I Didn't Think Of That Till I Heard Dick Morris On O'Rielly


It's a fact that Shirley Sherrod was fired before this story was run at 8pm. And yet the main stream media is tell their viewers a different story,also known as a lie. Why aren't the left wing on this blog pointing out this little old FACT? Why aren't they talking about the lies they are still perpetuating on the main stream media smear campaign? I'm also wondering where the left are and the NAACP with their sorry for calling us Tea Partiers racist without one drop of proof? Why is it OK for the left wing and the NAACP to call us racist without proof? Why can they take things out of context and outright lie about the Fox coverage of the story without remorse? Is their a double standard for those with a conscience and moral fortitude over those without values like the left? I've learn the left wing hold us to a standard they refuse to hold to their own. They call the Tea Party racist when the NAACP has racist,UAW,SEIU and any other group you can think of has racist within it. They want us to do what they are unwilling to do. And that is root out the racist when they are their. And that is why they can't produce a video of what they have accused us of. The left are lieing in order to get their way. They always have done this as they are as unscrupulous as they get. Even good old JoeC took the satirical writings of Mr.Williams blog out of context to prove the Tea Party is racist right in the same post that he blamed us for doing that. Williams writings were tasteless but not racist and JoeC knew it. But guess what we still pushed him out of the Tea Party Express because of his racial insensitivity. The left take thing out of context all the time and never ever say sorry for their actions. They bring up God,with a capital letter G, when they are trying to shame us. The left wing media and blogger talk about the racism and violence from the Tea Party and town hall meeting when it has been the unions SEIU and the left that have done ALL the violence since their accusations. There are videos up the kazoo of violence and hate speech as well as racism of the left. But they write that off and keep pointing the finger at us. I've been called a racist and a liar at every turn by these left wing radicals. It's time we hold these liberals to the same standard as we hold ourselves and as they hold us. The media and the left are lieing about the Fox coverage so that their beloved buffoon in chef doesn't have to take the blame. Sorry folk but once again the Obama admin screwed up big time. Today is the 1 year anniversary of the "Cambridge police acting stupidly" incident. Obama jumps to conclusions of race as fast as anyone I've ever seen. He needs to seek help for that since he has as much white in him as black. He has said things like his grandmother was a typical white person when it came to racism. That offended me that he thinks he can bundle us white people like that. But the left and right largely ignored his racial insensitivity. Should we hold our president to the same standard as the NAACP holds the Tea Party? Because if we do then all the left wing would out on their butts right now. And we mustn't forget the fact that Mrs.Sherrod was talking about her far left ideologue to the NAACP. That is still forbidden for a government employee that represents the state of Georgia USDA. But I'm sure the left wing media wont notice that point of her speech. And I wonder why none of those great questions asked by the media of Gibbs never got answered or played on the main stream media news?Could it be that it didn't fit the news casters ideology?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sorry Shirley Sherrod

I would like to say I did misjudge Shirley Sherrod by that edited video. I also like to say that if Andrew Brietbart did the editing of this video then I will never ever listen to that man again. It seems the left wing want me and Fox News to apologize for what we did. They have place the blame of this women loosing her job more on Fox News then anyone. The problem with that is they,whoever they is,fired her before it made it to the news. Fox news said they tried to get her perspective but she refused. Now I do have a big problem with the Obama admin and her boss playing games with giving this poor women they fired her job back. Gibbs wouldn't commit to what the Obama admins decision is. The had no problem forcing her to pull over and quit "now". But they are lallygagging on giving her her job back. That is bull. I also thought about the fact that these are the people that have their hands on our country and our bombs. If they can't make a easy decision about something as small as this then I'm scared. This is the second time the Obama admin has acted "stupidly" without thinking first. And what about the NAACP? They had the full 43 min tape and they still came out against this women. There are people out there that deserve the blame. I'd like to know who edited the video,who fired Shirley Sherrod and who at the Obama admin demanded her resignation. These are pertinent facts that are left out thus far. Now the left need to learn a lesson from this. They are all over everyone without all the facts. So shame on them as well. But the brunt of the shame falls on the editor of the video,Andrew Brietbart, the USDA person that made her resign, whoever in the Obama admin that demanded she get fired and the NAACP for not reviewing the tape that was in their possession when they called her a racist. But I am also sorry for my part in all this.

Where Is The Proof NAACP

The NAACP has made a major push to discredit the Tea Party and it's members by using the race card. Maybe we need to take a close look at the NAACP and see what kind of speeches they have that might be racial. I'm sure if a reward was given for such video we would see some wild videos. Since Andrew Brietbart offered $100,000 to anyone with a video of these Tea Partiers doing what the black caucus accuses them of doing. There were police that said they didn't hear it even though they were right on top of the black caucus. There are thousands of video and none show anything like they are accusing the Tea Partiers of. So why the double standard? All we ask for is to give us proof of these accusations and we will take care of it. But since they have no proof then I will just say it. They are the ones that are causing racial tensions with their LIES. The NAACP needs to get their act together and stop trying to play racial politics for the Democratic Party. And if they want to talk about "un-American" they better look in the mirror. It's high time we expect the same from them as they expect from us.

Take Action: Personal Attacks & Ugly Slurs Have No Place In Politics

Last Saturday, while Representatives filed through a House office building on their way to watch President Obama deliver a Health Care speech, some extremist protesters turned vicious. Civil rights legend and Georgia Congressman John Lewis was called the N-word by the crowd, while fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Emanuel Cleaver was spat on. Some in the crowd yelled at longtime NAACP champion Representative Barney Frank using an anti-gay epithet.
  This behavior is not only outrageous—it is un-American. Click here to sign the petition and help us send the message that degrading slurs and personal attacks have no place in our political discourse.