Thursday, November 18, 2010

TSA New Rules

An image captured in the Indianapolis International Airport suggests that while some parents are taking these new invasive procedures, some security professionals are getting a laugh out of it.
This picture shows a computer desktop’s image at one security checkpoint in Indianapolis.  Here’s the desktop image:

The new TSA rules for pat downs and computer strip searches is causing a lot of uproar at the airport. We as a society need to figure out what is groping and what is frisking. These new machines that undress us in front of another person can and will cause distress among fliers. A traveler that filmed his pat down said something that was spot on. He said that if anyone other the the government touched him that way they would be arrested. I could also see that most religious people will have an issue with the methods being used to secure the airplane. I'm sure Muslims will have issue with putting their family through this kind of treatment. But we must not allow one religion or one group to be exempted from this kind of screening. But knowing the way the government acts with the Muslims, my kids and my mom and dad will get the full load treatment while they walk past. It's just a matter of time before a Muslim terrorist shoves some C4 up his crapper and blowes up a plan. The good news is that George Soros sold all his stock in ISO the company that makes the machines that TSA are using. Who would have figured that the friends of the Democratic Party had so much money to be made? All I know is that when I get patted down I'm asking for a women. You don't think that would bother my wife do you? This will be tested by passengers. And the first time someone blows something up the government will blame the people that protested these machines and pat downs. What do you think about these new TSA rules?
On Sunday November 14th, 2010, Jewish Voice for Peace a left wing activist group lead a protest in downtown Chicago against Israel and the United States. Some members of the organized protest did not even know how to explain the message of their signs, one of whom simply resorting to calling me a racist. Others accuse Israel of falsifying the video footage of weapons aboard the supposed humanitarian Gaza Flotila. One member of the group even voices a strong opposition to Israel’s right to exist and uses profane sexual slurs against Mrs. Netanyahu the wife of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM. After further investigation into the group’s activities, they are also organizing an event to support another activist group known as Anarchists Against the Wall, and Socialist activist Noam Chomsky is a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace’s Advisory Board.
The left are showing more of who they really are. There are audios of some communist groups that are calling for the left to start "cracking their heads" talking about the Tea Partiers heads. And the leaders of the left are calling for civil unrest. And just like the left blamed the Tea Partiers for everything every person ever did we will hold the left to the same standard. If one liberals does anything bad they will all be held accountable. At first the left will cry like little female dogs but like us they will get used to it. Or maybe the weak left will crack under the pressure of living up to their own standards? Don't forget to laugh at these sad liberals. You know the ones. The peace protests that turn violent,the Mother Earth environmental protesters that leave the rally site a pig sty,the unions that pay people minimum wage without benefits to pass out tracks at the polls but demand high wages for themselves. You just got to laugh at these people and their warped ideology.

Soros Tells Progressives: Prepare to Bail on Obama

If Soros tells the Progressive zombies to do something they better do it! Pres.Obama has pissed off the left and he better heed Soros' warning to our president. Nudging is turning into pushing. The unions and and all of Soros other left wing organizations will all come out saying the same thing as Soros. Just like a bunch of mindless zombies they will march with the Soros/ mantra in mind and little else with it. When will the liberals have a real grassroots movement? One that isn't pushed by Soros,,Olbermann and Maddow first.