Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Don't Forget To Vote This Aug.3 We Will Make A Difference:Mark Snay For County Commissioner

I have found someone I knew in high school that is running for County Commissioner as a Republican. He is running against a RINO that has been in politics his whole life. This is who I'm voting for on Aug.3 in the primaries. We need to get involved early. We need to pick who is running for the Republicans. He is just a person like you and I that is fed up with politics as usual. He is running this campaign on his dime so he wont owe anyone anything. That is principled and that is the kind of person we need in Macomb County, Mi. Not Jim Perna who left the Democratic Party in 2006 to become a RINO. I'm getting sick of these RINO's getting into office because they are connected to the progressive political machine here in Macomb county. If you live in our district please pass the word around about Mark Snay. He is the underdog and could use all the help you can give him. His phone # is 586-404-3656 if you have any questions.
Here is what he stands for and who he is.
I believe that my varied work experience and current focus on technology and operations make me a logical choice to serve the citizens of Macomb County. These are areas where "good enough" and "worry about it later" are not an option. In my role I must solve the problem and achieve success or the business suffers. My departments must always be a step ahead as they are the infrastructure and foundation everything is built upon.  I have a track record of cutting costs and improving efficiency by working smarter and not harder. Contrary to popular belief cost cutting doesn't always mean eliminating jobs. I will bring fresh ideas and the knowledge of what businesses need most to compete in this new economy.
We must get creative and examine what other communities have done, nothing can be off the table. We must evaluate and review what we do everyday to make the best use of our limited resources. I have found that a fresh set of eyes and an independent view is often needed to find the flaws in a process that appears to work well enough. The old way of doing things may no longer be the best or most cost effective. Change is coming and tough choices will have to be made, that is what leadership is all about. The right choice may not be popular but you must have the courage to make it and stand behind it.

We are all in the same boat so let's grab an oar and start pulling in the direction of success together.

Fiscal Reform:
Government must learn to live within it's means just like you and I. We pay enough taxes and you will not find me voting for any increases. When we run short we stop spending – what a novel concept?

We need all we can get and can't be selective with the choices we need union and non-union. Macomb must be considered a business friendly environment. Permits need to be processed in a timely manner and we cannot over regulate. Oversight is necessary and is the duty of government but it must be effective and measured.

Long Term Debt:
We must engage our labor unions in honest, realistic negotiations. We cannot continue to look at things a contract at a time and hope that everything will just work out in the end. We must project 10 - 20 years ahead and structure agreements we can all live with. The current system is unsustainable and if left unchecked could lead to draconian cuts or measures as drastic as bankruptcy or receivership. Don't laugh these are real discussions taking place all around the country. World example - Greece.
"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail."

Monitor the new Charter:
We must be very diligent and keep things in check. I will work to ensure that the result is not larger government with increased spending, taxes and perks tagging along.

Low taxes / No new Taxes:
Know anyone that is asking to pay more taxes? Neither do I yet governments love to be sneaky like taxing business whenever they can. The pitch is that only business has to pay not the average Joe. Too bad that increased operating cost means prices go up and guess what you just had a tax increase. The politician looks good as they collect more revenue that is until customers go elsewhere and the business fails. Low taxes attract and high taxes repel this applies to homeowners as well. Who wants to move to a community with outrageous taxes? I'll tell you - NO ONE!

Regional Cooperation:

We need all our municipalities healthy and viable and real solutions are required. Simply transferring the tax burden from community to another solves nothing. The problems with illegal drugs within our county has increased crime and puts tremendous pressure on law enforcement. I believe the county must lead by example and encourage cooperation and collective efforts to solve critical issues like this. 
Safety / Schools / Services:
In addition to low taxes families looking to relocate want safe areas with good schools. They expect and deserve good services as well. Shouldn’t we be entitled to something more for our tax dollars?Roads:
Why are our streets and highways in a constant state of disrepair? I have been to several other cold weather states and all have better roads than we do. I for one would like to know why. Not only do we incur the maintenance expense there is the soft cost of lost revenue for businesses and the negative impact on those traveling these roads.

Michigan’s biggest asset is water yet we fail to treat it that way until someone wants it. Metropolitan beach for example is closed on a regular basis due to pollution and the Clinton River is a mess. We are wasting golden opportunities for revenue sources as well as safeguarding a very precious resource. 
"Who the heck are you and why should I vote for you"

Boy I only get those questions about ten times a day. Let me answer as quick and easy as possible.

Unlike my opponents I am not a politician or well connected public employee. I am just a hard working guy with a young family who is tired of watching my tax dollars wasted. I have spent the last 25 years working in the private sector where job performance and hard work is the key to success not who you know. You will notice that of the 3 candidates I am the only only making my beliefs and positions available to the public on the web and in the newspaper. I'll admit you will not see as many pretty signs and literature from my campaign. I believe the message is what is most important and that is what I am focused on delivering as widely as possible. I am funding this campaign myself, rejecting public and private funds. When approached with offers for fund raisers and my answer is always the same. "If you want to put forth that effort please find a struggling family or neighbor that needs it. I'm just applying for a job." Sadly today they don't have to look far to find someone. I will be the only candidate that won't owe any favors or be influenced by special interest groups or labor unions. My loyalty will be to ALL the voters and I will base every decision on what is best for the community as a whole.  I also won't blindly follow the party line if the end result is the wrong answer.
Have you noticed that the names always seem to be the same around election time. Now we have multiple generations running for office. I know times are tough but is getting a regular job really such a bad thing?I think that our political system is broken because as a society we have failed to do our job. We have allowed politicians to make false promises and have rewarded poor performance with re-election rather than disdain. Public service is now a life choice and we sit by as those in power regularly move from seat to seat as they are pushed out by term limits or the desire for higher office.  We no longer attract the best and brightest minds because elected office has become a question of connections, money. 
I don't think you can serve the people if your focus is on retaining your job until you find a better one. When elected I don't just expect to be held accountable I will demand it. I intend to hold regular "coffee nights" at local establishments where we can sit down and discuss issues important to you.  How can you do the work of the people if you don't know what is needed?

All Conservatives Need To Read This It's Their Playbook:You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way Manifesto

Please take the time to read this Progressive Manifesto. It will tell you where these radicals in the admin are taking us and how they will get us their. Also take note as too who wrote this manifesto and their close connections to the Obama admin. I'd also like any of you bloggers to post it on you blog and send it to your email list. This is something we all need to read.