Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Unions Threaten: "Thousands of dead people's" If The Union Doesn't Get Their Way

This is the union event description.
Event Description:
The National AFL-CIO, several International Unions and others have called for actions around the country. April 4, 1968 was the day in 1968 when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis where he had gone to support sanitation workers fighting for a voice at work.
Please join the Greater Boston Labor Council, Boston Teachers Union, Jobs and Justice, Massachusetts AFL-CIO, MTA, 1199SEIU, and SEIU State Council to stand in solidarity with workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, New Hampshire and other states fighting corporate politicians seeking to destroy collective bargaining.
The unions were asked to gather on the 43rd anniversary of the murder of Dr. King, a man of peace.  So they probably called for peaceful protests and non-violence, right?
Uh, no. Quite the opposite.
Watch this clip from the closing statements at the rally;

‘And to the Republican party of Massachusetts, if you think this is gonna happen here, it is going to be over thousands of dead people’s bodies.’

If that video didn't freak you out about these left-winger unions, take a look at what the teachers unions did to children in order too make a point in Wisconsin. They made their point that they will do some creepy things to children in order to get what they demand from the tax payers. "Eat the Rich"?  What is wrong with you left-wingers? Are you trying to dehumanise the "Rich" or the children? Because the whole thing was dehumanizing on so many levels to so many people. These pictures are going around the Middle East right now. Making children act, dress and say "Eat The Rich" is as sick as it gets. They used children to do what they wouldn't do. Why weren't the adults in control of those little children in the same make up saying the same things? It's bad enough the unions and left-wingers want to screw the children with higher debt, but nothing is sicker then teaching children to dehumanize the "rich". An nothing is sicker then dehumanizing the children like this. Turning children into cannibals is wrong and sick. The unions need to grow up or pack up and leave.
Buzzfeed captured some of the young living dead from Saturday:

Mediate found a video of the march, which includes chants of, ““What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want them? BRAINS!” Author Alex Alvaraz explains, “The insinuation being, of course, that brains are difficult to come by among Wisconsin lawmakers backing the bill:”
And yes, you did notice more children in the video:
“Faux News” even showed up and captured one kid in full face paint groaning, “Brains,” and another in a stroller with a sign that says, “Eat the Rich:”
But the most appropriate sign of the day probably belonged to this kid:
If this is what democracy looks like to the left-wingers and anti-American union leaders then I want nothing of it.

This Is How We Pay Off Our Debt: Paul Ryan Plan

Paul Ryan has the only budget plan that I know will work. It's a budget very much like my personal budget. We must start paying off our massive debt, not adding to it like Obama and the Democrats want. Printing money is a tax through inflation and that costs us all.  The Democratic Party and Obama want to keep putting a tax on our children so that they don't have to defund any of their pet projects. Raising taxes on the few businesses left in this country only makes it harder for them to do business here and sell products overseas with a terrif on our own manufacturing. Do you think higher taxes on say FORD make it easier or harder for Ford to sell their products overseas and here in this country? Do you think Ford would keep making cars here or where they can make money with lower taxes?

Paul Ryan has the only plan that will work to putting America back to being competitive. If we can grow more businesses here in America and bring foreign investments into American manufacturing we will all get a little richer. The UAW should love higher profits for the Big Three, since it all goes towards profit sharing.

What do you want to see done with the budget?