Thursday, April 8, 2010

Surprise Provisions Tucked Into Obamacare

I thought that the middle class wasn't going to see any tax hikes? Is this what you voted for? Is this why the Democrats don't want anyone looking at the obamacare tax bill? If obamacare was so good they would be telling us all about it. They would have showed us all 2,700 pages and they would be out bragging about what they just did to us. But all they are doing is saying the Republicans are full of crap. That's not good enough.


Those Were The Days My Friends


Now there has been some arrests of some anti-obamacare people. But I thought I would put it all into context for ya. There have been many more arrests of left wingers this year then right by far. But the left want us to talk about the two that have gotten arrested that are right wing. If anyone right or left acts out in violence then we need to speak out against that violence. The problem is the left think we are being unfair if we bring up the fact that the left have been the violent ones for decades. They never said a word. They have specials on McVey but the houndreds of left wing organizations that terrorize this nation they don't want to talk about it unless it's in a possative light. Yes, they do look at the acts from the left as being rightious. We conservatives are nothing like you. There are some crazies out ther but your whole idealogy is based on violence and control over others and their lives. Take a good look at what the left wing have been doing and then when a lefty says something about the two right wingers that are crazy and called in violence then tell them to sit down and shut up. It's time we start treating these libs like the violent anarchist they are. There is a reason why our jails and prisons are full of liberals and you need to remind them of that.