Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oops! Statements Made by Then-Senators Obama, Biden Haunt Libya Mission

Can you believe these two? It seems that either they were playing politics with war or they don't care about the Constitution. Which is it? If they are right about Iraq being an illegal war then Libya is also an illegal war subject to impeachment. Maybe we need to listen to what the then Senators were saying back then and impeach Obama. We can't have a double standard now can we? Let's see what the left-wing hypocrites say about this conundrum Obama is in. I think we all know what the left-wing and MSM is going to do about their "impeachable offence". Nothing!

Muslim Brotherhood Favored To Win Egypt Election

Why doesn't the Main Stream Media care that the Muslim Brotherhood may take control of the Egyptian government? Is this just more of the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Why does the left-wing make this unholy allegiance with our enemies? Is American values really worse then Sharia law to the left-wing? I just want to honestly know what the left-wing is thinking on this. They do everything they can to protect enemies of this country and our standard of living. Liberals need to ask themselves if the Muslim way is really better for them and the rest of America. The only thing I can think of is maybe they both want the destruction of America as it was formed by our founding fathers. If this is wrong then please explain the actions of the left-wing.