Saturday, October 8, 2011

Racism at Occupy Wall Street Protest [CLEAN VERSION]

The more I see of these racist protesters the sicker they make me. That is why we need to dust off our video cameras and start filming them. When will the Democratic Party and Obama speak out about these actions that are so prevalent at these protests?

Racist Rager @ Occupy Wall St.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has adopted racist rules for speech at its nightly “General Assembly” meetings, according to which white men cannot speak unless preceded by some other type of person.
State your race, gender & sexual orientation, then maybe we'll let you speak. Later.
According to Occupy Wall Street supporter/observer “Lori“:
Occupy Wall Street’s General Assembly operates under a revolutionary “progressive stack.” A normal “stack” means those who wish to speak get in line. A progressive stack encourages women and traditionally marginalized groups speak before men, especially white men. This is something that has been in place since the beginning, it is necessary, and it is important.
“Step up, step back” was a common phrase of the first week, encouraging white men to acknowledge the privilege they have lived in their entire lives and to step back from continually speaking. This progressive stack has been inspiring and mind-boggling in its effectiveness.
[Hat tip: Matt Sledge at Huffington Post]
Is it OK to be a liberal racist as long as it's against the Jews and whites? It's all about the color of our skin to these liberals. When will they give up their hate? They hate the rich and want what they have. They want the "rich" to work and pay for their education, houses... and they think protesting is the best way to take what they want. There have been numerous signs that say, "kill the rich". They don't care about anyones rights. At what point will you and I be the target of these liberal thieves and racists?