Friday, January 22, 2010

This Show Us How Dilutional These Progressives Are. It's A Progressive Comidy Show

Howard Dean believes the Massachusetts voters were sending a message to Washington, D.C. , agree with him, but voted for the conservative Republican candidate? This interview provides valuable insight into the mind of the Deaniac.

URL:  It looks like Chris Mathews lost that loving feeling that went down his leg. How illogical can these liberals be? Howard Deaniac is quoting the Poll that Bruce quoted us. Now is there a person on this planet that truly believes what Howard Deaniac is saying to be right? The Democrats are as out of touch with the American voters and this is just more proof of the derangment coming from the Democrat Party. How can anyone listen to these Democrat jokers anymore? How can you not sit back and laugh at these to liberals making fools of themselves and the party they have supported in the past? This has become the special olympics of political debate. At least Mathews has become somewhat lucid and sees the Democrat Party for what they are not what they once were. I hope the left wing keeps quoting that one study that shows that the people of Mass. voted for Scott Brown because they wanted the public option Coakley would have voted for. I was called dumb on a Progressive blog because I agree with Chris Mathews on this. I'm glade I found this video because it's nice to know I'm not alone in being dumb to the        Today is the national day of make laugh at the liberals day. Lets make it a year long celebration.