Saturday, August 27, 2011

Obama Can Make A Comeback If He Changes His Liberal Ways.

Obama has a real chance to do what is right for him and the country. First he needs to give up his attacks on the Republican Party. It's time he starts acting like the POTUS. He needs to make a strong move to the middle if he wants to save his presidency. He also needs to piss off the left-wing of this country and world. Obama needs to realize that liberals are worthless to him because they will never be happy unless we become a socialist country were they get everything for free and don't have to work for anything. As far as I'm concerned those are the throw away Americans.

If Obama puts all his attention on the private sector to create jobs and less on spending and raising taxes it will serve us all. Now the liberals wont be happy with this because they wont get their free loading selves taken care of by the government. But most Americans want to work and that will do it.