Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK,Malcolm X And Putting Out Fires

There are two ways in which to fight fire. One way that is used, is to use fire to fight fire. That is what method Malcolm X used to fight against the tyranny black were under at that time. You could also use water to fight fire. You could say that MLK used this method to fight the same tyranny. Both men fought and stood against racial inequality. But MLK used the same method taught in the Holy Bible and was also used by Gandhi with great success. Both MLK and Gandhi stood against their oppressors. Both men did it in love and peace. Now we have seen many Malcolm X types over the years. He used a method that was most likely out of the Quaran'.  The reason why I think MLK and Gandhi were so successful is because of their stance and the fact that that stance swayed the people. MLK moved mainstream white America over to his side. When America watched those poor people getting the shit kicked out of them, without raising a hand it, changed the hearts of many, if not most Americans.