Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preparing For Revolution: Progressive Media Knows Food Crisis And Violence Are Coming

The liberals riot when they don't get what they want. What do you think will happen when the money runs out and things start being taken away? Or what if the money of ours that the government is giving them doesn't pay for all their needs and wants(inflation)? Have you seen the price of food lately? Gas?Gold? Silver? Cotton? Natural gas? Hows your 401K doing? Pension funds? The anarchist are pushing the far left into an aggressive revolution and the left might do it once things start getting rougher not better like they thought. But the left always seem ready for a riot. Maybe the left are the anarchist? The last time we had an uncontrolled liberal Democrat as President it was Carter. Do you remember what he did to gas and interest rates? If the liberals start to riot the cops should shoot pot at the crowd instead of tear gas. Those idiots will forget the riot ever happened and you wont hear a word out of them till the stuff is all smoked up. Odds are by that time they will have forgot what they were told to be pissed about. This ThanksGiving wake your family up to the rising prices and the value of the dollar. It's easier then talking politics and in the end they will all blame these Progressives.