Friday, February 18, 2011

The Union Have Degraded Themselves With Violent Rhetoric And Threats

[Content WARNING: Contains strong language that may offend, and may be inappropriate for, some.]
The Hitler comparisons have been prominent in the Wisconsin protests, too. One man in Madison caught a woman with a sign comparing the state’s governor to the Nazi leader. But he also captured someone calling for revolution in the background:
After Obama said he wasn‘t really paying attention he went on to say the Wisconsin governor’s emergency budget proposal is an “assault on unions”:
Can you believe that our president is speaking on behalf of the unions? Can you believe that Obama Organizing For America has been funneling in busloads of protesters?  Can you believe that the unions would turn this ugly? I can.
Since Obama wants to stick his nose in the union unrest and stir the pot, maybe he should tell those protesters to calm down and stop their violent rhetoric. Obama, Pelosi and Reid need to call their dogs down before someone gets hurt. And while he's at it maybe he needs to tell teachers to stop using their students as sheilds and weapons. It doesn't make them look good in the end. If there is any violence coming from these protest the unions need to be held accountable. As well as Obama and the Democratic Party. They would say the same to us if there was any violence that came from the Tea Party rallies. United they stand and united they will fall. Hold them all accountable as a union. They would have done the same to us if we had ever been violent.