Friday, January 15, 2010

Unions:What are they good for?

What do you all think of the unions and other "friends" of Obama's not having to pay their taxes on health care reform? The unions were some of the loudest ralliers of this health care reform bill and yet they will not have to pay for it like the rest of America. Is this part of how the unions have "made the middle class"? Or is it more like what the conservatives feel about the unions destroying the middle class? The unions and the Democrat Party better get ready for some uneasy Americans, if this bill goes through. 
The only real power the unions have over their employers is the ability to strike. If we the people cross that strike line they loose their power over the employer. Remember the Detroit News strike? Their is a pushing away from the unions as a whole and that is why they are buying the Democrat Party with their votes. They have been eating up companies and spitting them out at a rate faster then the unions can replace them. And about 40% of union members do not support the unions. All in all I'd like to know who among you thinks that it is fair that the unions "Cadillac plans" wont be taxed just because they have the Presidents ear? Is it right for the Democrats to play class warfare with us in order to get what they want? And why wouldn't the unions want to pay for something they want? And don't forget the last time someone protested against SEIU they were beat to a pulp and called a "nigger" without a charge.

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