Monday, July 12, 2010

Palin Lays Out Her Immigration Reform Plan


Sarah Palin made an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor last night to test her mettle on one of the biggest issues in the political sphere today: illegal immigrants. Bill O’Reilly grilled her on specifics to finding a solution to the problem and, in her responses, Palin made it very clear that immigration may be the one substantive issue around which she has a tight grip.Palin was adamant that illegal immigrants should not be “rewarded the bad behavior” and continued along in this vein until O’Reilly stopped her, in a very similar manner to how he stopped UnivisiĆ³n anchor Jorge Ramos in a debate earlier this week, and asked for concrete reactions to the problem. Palin responded that she would like all illegal immigrants to register and that, in an ideal situation, “you deport them. you have to get them out of here.” I think Palins reform is spot on. We need to take care of our own in this country before we take care of others. The Democrats are trying to make this out about race but this is about Americans and taking care of their needs first. Any party that puts illegals above citizens of this country needs to be thrown out on their asses. And since the Democrats side with the illegals every time then they are not for Americans and must go the way of the Wig Party. The Democratic Party is here to serve us and our needs not those of other nations. But the Democratic Party has made a name for itself by dictating who gets what in this country. If you are American then why would you vote for a party that doesn't put your needs first? Why would you vote for a party that makes everything about race? And why would you vote for a party that hurts the working class by taking their money and giving it to non-Americans? My grandparents came from Germany and Hungry legaly as well as most Americans. We are a country of equal justice. That is up until the Democratic Party took over both branches of government. Now we are a country of "social justice" which is a term that means the party in power gets to pick and choose who get's what justice. If you are of a darker color skin melanin then the Democrats want to use you to gain power. The color of your skin means power to the Democratic party and they are using it. We have the first black president in this country and the Democrats are calling everyone a racist that isn't with them on every issue. They have made a joke of racism in this country. This is about protecting what is ours and not letting thieves come in illegally and taking what is ours. The Democratic Party is not for reform or the American people. They are all about using race as a tool to divide this country. If you are part of the 62% of Americans that are for the Arizona law and wish Washington would try and fix the border issues then you need to rethink the party you vote for. The Democratic party is not for the security of our borders and that is one more reason that the Democratic Party needs to become obsolete in this country.

What Problems Have The Democrats And Obama Fixed?

When Obama was running for president he promised to fix a lot of Americas problems. He promised to change the way the world views us,he'd bring peace not war,he promised to fix Gitmo and Muslim relations,he'd make health care affordable to all Americans,he promised post racism not more racism,he promised stability in our economy,he also promised unemployment under 8% if we gave him the Democrats demands of almost $1trillion.                                                                                                         I've seen a lot of salesmen in my day and he is nothing more then a shyster salesmen that promises the world but can't deliver one thing. I don't know what his excuses are but he has had a majority in both houses of Congress like no other president in recent history. He has gotten everything the Democrats wanted. Why hasn't one of his community organizing theories worked the way he said they would? Is it Fox's and the Tea Party fault? Is it the minority Republican parties fault? Or is it just wrong ideologue thinking that history has proven time and time again to never work? He is following Woodrow Wilson and FDR failed policies to a T and yet they still work the same way they did for them,they don't work.                                                                   I'm serious now. What has he and Congress done that has worked the way they said? I'd like to give him credit where credit is due so please help me out my progressive friends. I asked this of my UAW/Democrat friends last week for a shutdown party. I never did get an answer other then "give him a chance" or "he just needs more time". Those aren't answers because Obama has had more then enough time. And where are all those liberals crying over the presidents choice to let BP handle the oil spill when it is his job to make sure this oil spill stops? But during that time Obama denied the foreign ships that could clean up this mess before it got to shore. The left is right that this is BP fault. But by not taking charge and making bad decisions about the Jones Act he has put out people and environment at greater risks. But the left can't even fathom their savior Obama screwed up big time. Now I know Obama has his plate full with suing Arizona for upholding the federal laws on illegal immigration and suing to stop oil drilling in the Gulf that is doing more harm to those in the Gulf. Do no harm Mr. President. Since the president and Congress can't solve one problem by making it better we need to fix it ourselves by getting rid of these inept fools. In November we can tie the presidents hands by voting against the Democratic party. Notice I didn't say vote Republican? That's because the Republicans aren't off the hook yet either. But when it comes down to it the Republican party is the lesser of two evils. And as far as I'm concerned we need all new blood in Washington, so vote them all out just to teach Washington a lesson they will never forget.