Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Is Fizzing Out

Watch Obama’s remarks below. Comments about the Occupy Wall Street movement begin around the 15:45 mark.

This is who Obama and the Democrats stand with. Protesters at Saturday’s Occupy Portland demonstration vented some of their anger at the capitalist system by setting the phrase “F*** the U.S.A.” to music and performing it.
With a jester hat-wearing guitarist, shirtless drummer and heavily bearded, long-haired bassist, the pick-up band was not short on characters. There were no other lyrics, so it’s unclear what exactly the participants wanted or hoped to achieve.
Watch the clip below:
(Content warning — offensive language)
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Republicans need to go out and speak about what they see as being the solutions to our common problem of Big Labor,Big Business and Big Government taking all of our money and jobs. The way these protesters are going about their protests is all wrong. Going after the 1% for following the law and making money isn't the problem. The problem lies with those that gave out our money to Big Labor,Big Business and Big Government. Trying to make Big Government take more from the private sector in hopes that Big Government will give them some of that loot ain't going to work the way they think it will. The key is to put us all on the same playing field. No one cares if the rich get richer. But they don't want the rich to get richer because we bailed them out. Give new business the same opportunity as Big Business to succeed. When businesses do bad so do the working class. Most people know that. There are some that will always be jealous of the rich and think that we should all be paid the same amount of money for doing different jobs. That has never worked and just sounds crazy.

The only chance these OWS protesters have of gaining any ground is if they make a hard right to the center. No one like an anarchist or a socialist. If you keep yelling no one will listen to you. Who in their right mind would listen to someone yelling like a ban chi?

Clean yourselves up and clean up your mess. We do judge a book by it's cover. If you fill the protests with dirty filthy perverts,anarchists and antisemitic racists no one else will feel welcome. These protesters don't sound like the average American. They don't talk like the average American and they don't even act like they love this country.

I think nit might be a good idea for one of the Republican candidates to speak out about these protests. Talk about understanding their pain. But also scold those that seem to have taken over these recluse protests. Maybe even suggest that these protesters start a third Party to run against the Republican and Democratic Party.

After these protesters are done scaring away most of their supporters it will leave a big void for those independent voters that are unhappy with the state of our nation. This will be when the Tea Party and Republicans step in to give those moderates a voice of reason. We are hearing some of the protesters saying that they are a lot like the Tea Party. Maybe some of them are like us. We must not throw out the baby with the bath water. There are protesters and supporter of the protests that don't believe in anarchy, socialism,antisemitism... As these protests become more unhinged and scary to go to the moderates will be left with no where to turn.

The Tea Party can become the fifth column (is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group). The anarchist have become the fifth column of the OWS protests. We must also be their to give leadership to those looking for a leader that isn't against this country and capitalism. Believe me the Tea Party is all around these protests. We are talking with them. We are giving them a soft sell on what to protest. Once the far left do their destruction and everyone goes home we will be there to pick up the pieces, like always.

The Tea Party is alive and well. We are working harder then ever to win this war against American values and our freedoms. In the end the far left will peter out and go away. Before they do that they will make a surge of violence and lawlessness. When that happens know that that is the end of the far left protesters. They will become untouchable at that point.
You can watch the full YouTube video of protestors and police going at it in the Occupation of Times Square below. We will start seeing more of this kind of unrest. We will also see the main stream media play it up as "police brutality". As you can see from the video it was the police and their horses that got brutalized:

Axelrod tells ABC’s “This Week” that the American people “want a financial system that works on the level. They want to get a fair shake:”