Sunday, February 21, 2010

Does this look like 350-400 people to you? Buffoon Fest 2010 Union Fiesta

The crowd listens to speakers The future of America. ick. Does anyone out there think this is even close to 350 people? The only ones that seem to be saying how many people were there are the left wing bloggers. It is good to finaly see a peaceful rally with the left wing.  Now the other thing that bothers me about the left wing and their rallies is they call us astroturf and blaming us for organizing and taking funds for organizations. But look at them and in addition to HCAN and OFA, the following groups were sponsors:
Repower AmericaAFL-CIO
United Food & Commerc. WorkersSEIU
MichUHCANMI Citizen Action
UAWMich. Universalist Social Just. Net.
Reform Immigration of AmericaPlanned Parenthood of MI
Women's Internatl. League for Peace & FreedomProgress Michigan
AFSCME Council 25America Votes Action Fund
Unite HERE Local
Ameinu DetroitMOSES
Michigan VoiceACCESS
Interfaith Council on Peace & JusticeWorkmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring of MI
Health Care NowSE Mich. Jobs with Justice
Detroit Metro Interfaith Committee for Worker JusticeDetroit Area Peace with Justice Network
Gray Panthers of Metro-DetroitMich. Alliance to Strengthen Soc. Sec. & Medicare
Mid-MI Coalition for Health Care Reform
These people are all just a Big Labor shill. They are the Progressive movement Glenn Beck has talked about. These are the fringe 21% of Americans that want to make the other 79% bend to their wants. The fringe can't hurt us unless we let them. This Progressive war on America and the majority of Americans isn't over yet. They are regrouping and ready to "do what they must to get free health care". The unions wont pay for it but they will give money to make sure we do have to pay for it. Ask yourself why are the unions so interested in health care reform? We know it aint to save the businesses. Because that would be a first for a union.  We need to call these liberals out and shame them. If you here a liberal talking dumb let them know how dumb they sound. Bring them back to reality no matter how pissed they get. Give them proof of how dumb they sound. Like these people saying that this picture is wrong but the sign in sheet,that they have is right. That's just dumb. If these people on the left weren't serious it would be a lot more funny.