Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hoffa: GOP ‘Trying to Take Food Out of the Mouth of Working People’

Jimmy Hoffa told MSNBC‘s Ed Schultz Tuesday that he’s not “backing down” on his “Let’s take these son of a bitches out” remark or his anti-Tea Party views.Watch the full segment below (Hoffa’s answer begins at the 12:10 mark).
The left-wing is coming unhinged and violent rhetoric is their first defence against losing power over the American people. Soon they will become more like their union brothers and sisters in Greece and destroy property and riot. It is the union way. The unions members have a problem with their union leadership. First off 43% of union members don't agree with it's leaders backing Democratic party candidates only. Those 43% of conservative union members are very unhappy with the way the unions have been lead.

Americans are also sick of hearing these greedy unions saying that if we don't give them what they demand then we are taking food out of their mouths. Don't they realize that we bailed them out with the stimulus money? Don't they realize that we pay their bills and pay more in taxes so they can make more money then us? The union greed will be the destruction of the unions. The union leaders are hell bent on destroying everything to get what they demand. People have lost all respect of the unions and what they have become. Maybe it is time to take those "sons of bitches out" before they take out our country.

There is a reason why only 13,000 people showed up to the union/Obama Labor Day fest. The unions begged it's members to show. The Detroit News made it well known that our first black President was coming to town and yet few showed up for this event. With the amount of union members and blacks that place should have been filled to the brim. But fewer people showed up to see the President then show up to see Palin talk. Now that tells you something. People are sick of listening to him talk. The union members stay home instead of showing support of their unions and president. I would expect to see that happen in say Texas. But not in Detroit City, home of "Obama money".

The unions will be flushed down the drain with the Democratic Party come 2012. Since the unions are just an arm of the Democratic Party and the failed Progressive movement. Good luck in the future. You turds are going to need it.