Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Massa Just Another Democrat Buffoon

Massa didn't say anything we didn't already know. Glenn Beck tried to get Massa to talk but he said nothing new. I think they guy is a little loopy. He didn't name names but was just attacking the Democrats,Rahm and Obama in general. The White House said Massa is lieing. I don't believe either the Democrats or Massa for obvious reasons. He makes some inflamitory accusations on everything Democrat in Washington. I wouldn't waist your time watching the Glenn Beck interview.

Toyota Is The New Death Trap


The first known instance of a plug-in hybrid car going up in flames occurred on June 7 in Columbia, South Carolina to a 2008 Prius that had been converted to plug-in capability for the Central Electric Power Cooperative. The conversion was performed with a Hybrids-Plus PHEV15 conversion kit that uses an A123 Systems lithium ion battery pack. The incident is still under investigation by Phoenix, Arizona-based Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation. Initial information indicates the fire may have been triggered by something related to the on-board battery charger and the car had previously experienced some mechanical issues related to that.                                                                                                                                On top of that another Toyota Prius has been found to excellerate and not break. This is something totally new. These Toyota cars are becoming death trapes not only for the driver and passangers but for the general public. These Toyota's need to be pulled off the road until they find out what is causing all these problems with these death trapes. These cars have been proven to be more dangerous and deadlier then the Pinto.Toyota Avalon

Bill O'Reilly: Fury on the Far Left


These liberals are out of control. The country doesn't want what they are pushing down our throats. The amount of hate they have for their oppossition is over the top. They are the party of hate.

Obama Lied (overstated) Health Care "Savings" By A Masive $868 BILLION

In what the White House calls the final push for health care reform, President Obama pushed the envelope on deficit reduction and came crashing down to earth.
"Our cost-cutting measures mirror most of the proposals in the current Senate bill, which reduces most people's premiums and brings down our deficit by up to $1 trillion dollars over the next decade because we're spending our health care dollars more wisely," Mr. Obama told an audience at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pa., a suburb north of Philadelphia.
The President was so proud of these cost-saving numbers in the latest version of health care reform, he delved into a bit of Washington-speak to back them up.
"Those aren't my numbers," President Obama said to the rising applause of the estimated 1,300 in attendance. "They are the savings determined by the Congressional Budget Office, which is the nonpartisan, independent referee of Congress for what things cost."
That part is true. The budget office does keep score of what things cost. More precisely, the budget office projects what things cost or save over a given period of time.
But the budget office did not say the Senate health care bill would save $1 trillion over the next decade. Not even close.
It estimated the bill would save $132 billion from 2010 to 2019, leaving President Obama's "next decade" estimate $868 billion short.
That's some rounding error.
When contacted, a White House official said the President  meant to say the Senate bill would save $1 trillion in its second decade.
The budget office did project possible second-decade savings of up to $1 trillion, but attached this note of caution: "A detailed year-by-year projection for years beyond 2019...would not be meaningful because the uncertainties involved are simply too great."
In his remarks today, President Obama made the case that all issues had been considered, all ideas vetted. It was time, he said, to take a stand.
"We have debated healthcare in Washington for more than a year," Mr. Obama said. "Every proposal has been put on the table. Every argument has been made. The need is great, the opportunity is here. Let's seize reform. It's within our grasp."
What is not in the President's grasp, or the taxpayer's for that matter, is the alluring prospect of $1 trillion in health care savings in the "next decade." But there is the hope, though it "would not be meaningful," of that magnitude of savings starting in the decade beginning in 2020.
By the way, the budget office projects a 2020 deficit of $1.3 trillion. A number like that would make $1 trillion in health care savings from 2020-2029 meaningful indeed.

Just Call Your Congressman Now. I can't make it any easier then this for ya

Go here.
Enter your zipcode.
Your Congressman’s name and phone number will appear.
Call him and tell him to vote against the Senate’s health care plan.
How hard can that be?

That Battle For Our Childrens Minds

Must-See Video: Texas Textbook Wars

It has come to the point that we can no longer afford to send our kids to government run schools. If you haven't seen the test scores for the American educational system then brace yourself for what you will see. Our kids go into kindergarden as some of the best prepared kids in the world and leave grade school and high scool as one of the worse educations in the developed world. And now with the indoctrination of our kids into a progressive thinking pagan generation by our schools. We need to put our focus back on the schools or bring back the vouchers. I send one of my sons to one of the best parochial schools in Macomb County Michigan. My youngest son goes to a government run school for speech. I spent a lot of time letting all the teachers for both my boys know what is and isn't exceptable. God blessed us with teachers that understand where I am coming from and where I want my kids to go. The governement teacher also sends her kids to a parochial school of her choice as she feels the same way I do about the publixc school system. Just because it's free doesn't mean you have to take it.  It is too hard to undo what the schools do if you don't agree with it. The teachers and schools have athority over our kids and if they are indoctrination our kids in Pagan religious theology by talking about "Mother Earth" etc... And just so you know that is what my youngest sons old school did for one month. They have Mother Earth month and did many of the old pagan rituals to Mother Earth. All in the name of eco friendly stuardship.