Thursday, April 21, 2011

College Students Eager to Redistribute Wealth Are Less Eager to Redistribute Hard Earned Grades

Via The Daily Caller:
The College Republicans at the University of California-Merced ask fellow students, who support raising taxes on the rich, if they would be willing to redistribute their GPAs. They don’t think it’s a good idea because they earned their grades.

You can watch the hypocrisy of these young and idealistic liberals in action below:
It always ends up like this with the liberal ideology. As long as they are taking something it's a good idea to redistribute. But the second you want to take something they earned all bets are off. If liberals want to have a society or commune that is "redistributed wealth" have at it. No one is stopping them from redistributing their wealth. I think you liberals need to show us how it's done. Start spreading your wealth to the less fortunate. Liberals give almost half as much as conservatives do. It's a shame when liberals make more money then conservatives on average.

We all know why the liberal ideology stands in hypocrisy on the issue of "spreading the wealth". Liberals aren't concerned with giving what they earned. They think that "spread the wealth" will mean they will receive what someone else earned. Liberals think they will end up with more then they came in with.

I paid my taxes this year. Were you the 50% of Americans that paid taxes? Or are you the 50% that didn't pay federal taxes and benefited from those that did? Higher taxes are coming. And if you think that only the "rich" are going to end up paying for it, think again. We could take 100% of those people and companies making over $1 million a year and it still wont cover all of our expenses and debt. We need to take a close look at "spreading the wealth". "Spread the wealth" is also reaching into our children's and grandchildren future earnings. Is that a part of the keep spending and racking up debt liberal ideology? The liberals want you money. They want to control it and choose who to give it too. We need to start demanding that liberals start to lead by example. When they start spreading their wealth to the less fortunate at the rate conservatives do then maybe someone might listen to these hypocritical left-wing.