Monday, February 7, 2011

62% Of American Oppose Raising Debt Ceiling.What Do You Think?

An overwhelming 62 percent of likely voters oppose raising the debt ceiling, while only 27 percent favor raising it, a new poll by The Hill reveals.
Seventy-seven percent of likely GOP voters and 64 percent of independent voters said they don’t want the debt ceiling to be raised. Even among Democrats, more oppose raising the ceiling (46 percent) than support it (42 percent).
The poll also shows that a majority of the country disaproves of the president’s stimulus package:
Only 36 percent of voters surveyed said stimulus spending creates jobs, while 48 percent said flatly that it does not. Crucially, 61 percent of independent voters took that negative view.
Only 40 percent of likely voters say the $787 billion stimulus package helped. While 69 percent of Democrats say it boosted growth, 56 percent of independents think the stimulus hurt or had no impact on the economy.
The president’s budget, due Feb. 14, will call for more spending on infrastructure, research and development and education. The polls suggest the public is unreceptive to the idea, so Obama might find it tough to get these budget requests through a Republican House clamoring for deep cuts.
The president is also losing critical independent voters regarding his economic policies in general:
Voters split on Obama’s economic policies. Forty-four percent in the survey said the policies are hurting the economy, while 41 percent said they are helping. The poll’s margin of error is 3 percent.
By a 47-37 percent margin, independents said Obama has hindered the economic recovery.                                                                       

Obama's 3am Call Came And Went Unanswered

In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Sarah Palin criticized President Obama for his handling of the situation in Egypt saying that this was his, “3am White House phone call” and, “that call went right to the answering machine.” Her answers about Egypt are the first time she’s talked publicly about the situation. Most of the world agrees with Obama being incompetents as a leader. It's hard to dispute the outcome of his presidency and the state of the union and the state of the world since he has taken office. He hasn't made things better anywhere in the world, let alone his own country. But that doesn't stop the liberal zombies from making personal attacks and excuses. The liberal zombies take their ques from the MSM and run with it,while in the same breath they say we are the zombies. Take a close look at the signs they have at their protest and then at our. Who would you say are the brainless zombies?