Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court OKs Scott Walker's Union Law

Wisconsin's Republican governor has won a major victory: the state Supreme Court says his polarizing union rights law can go into effect. Unions all across the country are gearing up for war. Teachers unions are sending home letters to families of children in the public schools promising and threatening worse education then we already get. If you thought the government run educational system was bad when they got all the money it will only get worse now that we are broke. Will our future generations get the education that they will need to pay off our debt with 40 or more kids in a classroom?

It's time parents of school age children rethink their children's educational needs. Let's take a page from the liberal union playbook and underwhelm the system. Nothing will change as long as the teachers unions and the government has control of our children's education. We as citizens need to do our part to take our children out of this failed public school system. Yes, parents will have to pay for their children's education. But it is well worth the few thousand dollars you might have to pay. Many parochial schools are free to members of the church or at very low cost to parents. If parents start pulling their children out of the public school systems in mass it would overwhelm the failed system and bring it too it's knees. Parents have more choices then you may think. We also hold all the power over the government schools. If conservatives pulled out their children they would learn this lesson fast.

If you live in a district that has a teachers union strike, sue the union for withholding your child's education. As we have learned from the liberal playbook, you don't have to win the suet to win. Unions are itching for a fight. They want to make the taxpayers pay up and shut up. They are spreading their propaganda. It's time we kick them where it hurts. Take away the students and the unions will go away. Parents and teachers need to be in charge of the children's education. Not unions and bureaucrats. It's your job as a conservative to tell parents of school age children there are other options to public school education. We conservatives need to put education first. It might cost us a little now but the cost is well worth it.

If the unions want a war with the tax payers let's fight back.

P.S. I pay less then $1,800 a year per child as a member of a Lutheran school. The church pays for the rest of the cost per child. My son is in the top 10% of Michigan students. The Lutheran school he goes too is in the top 10 schools in Macomb County every year. The MEAP tests in 8th grade are 100% every year. As you can see it's well worth the cost. And if you think that the schools are full of "rich" people look at all the hoopties in the parking lot at pick up time. We sacrifice so our kids don't have too.