Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Obama A Christian,Muslim Or Nothing At All?

The White House is trying to curtail the upsurge of Americans,Republican,Democrat and Muslim that think Obama is a Muslim or they just don't know what religion he is. The White House is trying to place the blame everywhere except on themselves. By listening to the MSM it sounds like this really bothers the White House. And It seems the White House is doing everything it can to make Obama seem like a Christian. I could care less what religion he is. I think he is a Black Liberation Theologin if anything at all. But when I see the White House protesting this much over his faith I think,"thou dust protest too much". If Obama isn't a Muslim then all he needs to do is denounce his old belief in Islam. Until he does that people will think he is a Muslim. He even said in the one interview,"my Muslim faith" and then he was corrected. I don't know too many Christians that would make that mistake. But if he says he's a Christian then he's a Christian. The more they protest his "Muslim faith" the more people will think he's a Muslim.It also doesn't help that most Muslims and Muslim leaders think Obama is a Muslim. And it's hard to see anything that he does that would point to him being a Christian.