Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things Haven't Gotten Better And look Like They May Get Worse

As the Democratic Party puts us into deeper debt and instability it makes me wonder how can anyone support these liberals? When Bush got his recession I got a check and I spent it. We know that that works to stimulate the economy. With Obama printing money and putting us into deeper debt for his and the Democratic Party stimulus it makes me wonder. Did you get anything from the Democratic Party stimulus's that added trillions of dollars to our deficit? Has the middle class gotten any of those spoils? In what way have you or the middle class come out ahead?

Now for some reality. My house on the other hand is still dropping in value. Unemployment is even close to being fixed. And since all of us eat and use some form of energy I'd say the Obama plan isn't doing what it should have and what THEY said it would do. Conservatives and Republicans said the Obama Porkulus would do nothing for the private sector. We said it wouldn't create jobs. Just like we said that Obamacare would fix any of the problems of health care costs.

The left-wingers would say we didn't make the Stimulus bill big enough. Or in other words they want more debt that will crush our economy. Does that sound smart? That's just crazy talk.

Obama told us what would happen  if we didn't use his stimulus bill. We are trillions of dollars into debt and we still got the worse case outcome.

Things aren't going to get better. Nothing Obama and the Democratic Party has worked. They haven't repented but instead they are willing to risk it all by doubling down on our debt with another stimulus.

So all in all, not only have we not gotten any of that Stimulus money, but thanks to inflation and a massive debt hanging over our economy we are paying for the actions of these Progressives. The next time a liberal or Democrat tries and promotes the Democratic Party ask them what they got from the Stimulus? Ask them if their lower house values help or hurt them? Ask them if high unemployment is good for them? Ask them if higher gas, food and consumer goods is good for them? Ask them if the massive debt is good or bad for them. And when they go into their liberal trance, tell them you can't fix stupid. Because you would have to be a total idiot to think that the Obama admin. has fixed anything other then making our obligations to bigger government and public sector unions more of a burden on those that create wealth in this country.