Thursday, September 16, 2010

Science Czar: We Need to 'De-develop' the U.S.

What do you think he means by 'De-develop' the U.S.A.? Is 'de-development' what this administration is shooting for? Because if it is then they have hit the mark dead on. We have the highest % of Americans now living in poverty then ever before since they started taking records in the 50's.

In a video interview this week, White House Office of Science and Technology Director John P. Holdren told that he would use the “free market economy” to implement the “massive campaign” he advocated along with Population Bomb author Paul Ehrlich to “de-develop the United States.” In his role as President Barack Obama’s top science and technology adviser, Holdren deals with issues ranging from global warming to health care.

MUST WATCH FILM: 'Fire From the Heartland'


The first-ever film to tell the entire story of the conservative woman in her own words, "Fire from the Heartland" is a powerful statement about America at a crossroads and the women who have awakened to the crisis. With role models such as Clare Boothe Luce, Margaret Thatcher, and Phyllis Schlafly as inspiration, these women are the unintended consequence of the liberal feminist movement. There is a perfect political/social storm coming from both the right and the left. What side will you be on?

AFL-CIO Is Looking For Progressive Agitators

In 2010 progressive successes soared. Reforms of major industries, support for vital services and the rebuilding of Main street's infrastructure have taken our nation in a positive direction.
These are not the sole successes of a representative electorate. They're also the achievements of passionate, dedicated individuals like you.

Working America, community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, is hiring community organizers for progressive campaign work in Central Michigan. Help lead us to a greater America, from the grass roots to beyond, so that all may enjoy the fruits of our labor.
For more information:
Call Clitorious

Previous Campaign Experience
Passion for Progressive Politics
Ability to Articulate Issues
Commitment to Campaign through Election Day

Position is Full-Time Monday - Friday, 1:30 - 10:00 PM, $11.22/hour
I just wanted to show you what the public unions are gearing up to do. I found this add and many others on If you conservatives and moderates think that the public unions and other progressive organization will just lay down for what WE THE PEOPLE are planning to do to Washington and the Progressive machine then you have another thing coming. This would be a great job for a conservative informant or reporter to take. Learn what they are doing or planning to do and shed a light on these organizations. I'm sure if you look in your areas you will find another "Progressive community organizer" position. You can also email them for upcoming events,meetings and other planed rallies. The public unions have been pushed by the Democratic Party to be the strong arm of their Progressive machine. We have seen what the public unions have done in the past and their intentions to destroy the Tea Party/conservative movement has become job one for these greedy unions. The public unions have the money and the manpower to try and do some real harm to our movement. But we are not without abilities. We will have conservatives among them. Like the the song goes "I'll be watching you". From what I've gathered the public unions are looking at this as war. They know that if conservatives take over there will be cuts made. The Tea Party has become a conservative machine that is smaller then the unions but a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the future design of Washington. At this point the unions have the greatest amount of power in Washington DC ever. Like any group they do not want to loose that power to influence policies that greatly benefit the public unions over private citizens. And seeing what the public unions have done to citizens in the past I wouldn't doubt that the flames of intimidation aren't fueled using these Progressive activists. Let's catch them in the act on camera or audio. Shed a light on this anti-tea party agitators. And if you catch them doing something wrong, expose it. "Know your enemy."    P.S. this isn't a high paying union job with union bennies. They only want the public or private companies to pay fo9r union labor. What hypocrites.