Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Just Got This In My Email: Any Thoughts On This Please Comment

Fellow conservatives,
First off, we are a group of conservative and Tea Party activists who are against the Tea Party Express.
We support their political views, which most all conservative groups share, but do not agree with their unsavory fundraising, organizational, and political tactics.
With that said, if you are a supporter of the Tea Party Express, we would like you to seriously reconsider any financial and moral support of their organization.  The time to hold them accountable is now.
Contact the Tea Party Express and ask them for a refund of your contribution.  Simply provide your name and address so they can look up your financial contribution and refund it to you.
From allegations of deceptive fundraising practices and spending millions in consulting fees, to intimidation in numerous elections and blatantly attacking fellow conservatives, the Tea Party Express has lived beyond its purpose.  We must stop them now before their new tour starts on October 18th.
Instead of encouraging activists at the grassroots levels to support conservative candidates by knocking on doors and making phone calls, they continue to be "talking heads" of the Tea Party movement and hold rallies that get nothing done but yelling and screaming.
We here at TeaPartyExpressLies.org hope you join a growing coalition of Tea Party and conservative groups who are against the Tea Party Express and its hijacking of the Tea Party movement.
Thank you,
Committee to Expose the Tea Party Express
P.S. Please forward this to your friends and family.

A Call For One Nation To "Go To Jail Together"

Are you ready for what the left wing are asking or their followers? This is a call for violence and lawlessness. This is why I watched the rally. We conservatives are the enemy of these radical Democrats. "Know thy enemy".

AP: 'One Nation' Crowd Tiny Compared to Beck's


***The Huffington Post is promoting this aerial shot of the “One Nation” rally…obviously the crowd size pales in comparison to the Beck rally on 8/28….although Fox Nation has not confirmed the time stamp…the AP reports Beck’s rally was larger***

WASHINGTON – Tapping into anger as the tea party movement has done, a coalition of progressive and civil rights groups marched by the thousands Saturday on the Lincoln Memorial and pledged to support Democrats struggling to keep power on Capitol Hill.
"We are together. This march is about the power to the people," said Ed Schultz, host of "The Ed Show" on MSNBC. "It is about the people standing up to the corporations. Are you ready to fight back?"
In a fiery speech that opened the "One Nation Working Together" rally on the National Mall, Schultz blamed Republicans for shipping jobs overseas and curtailing freedoms. He borrowed some of conservative commentator Glenn Beck's rhetoric and vowed to "take back our country."
"This is a defining moment in America. Are you American?" Schultz told the raucous crowd. "This is no time to back down. This is time to fight for America."
With a month of campaigning to go and voter unhappiness high, the Democratic-leaning organizers hope the four-hour program of speeches and entertainment energizes activists who are crucial if Democrats are to retain their majorities in the House and Senate. The national mood suggests gains for the GOP, and Republicans are hoping to ride voter anger to gain control of the House and possibly the Senate.
More than 400 organizations — ranging from labor unions to faith, environmental and gay rights groups — partnered for the event, which comes one month after Beck packed the same space with conservatives and tea party-style activists.

Organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck's rally. But Saturday's crowds were less dense and didn't reach as far to the edges as they did during Beck's rally. The National Park Service stopped providing official crowd estimates in the 1990s.
AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka urged participants, including his union's members, to band together.
"There is nothing, and I mean nothing, we can't do when we stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder," Trumka said. "We will stand together. And we will win together. And we won't let anyone — and I mean anyone — stand in our way."
That starts as soon as the crowds get back to their homes.
"Coming out of here, we've got to go home and ask our friends to vote, ask our neighbors to vote," NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous said.
"Ever forward, never backwards," he led the crowd in a cheer.
But even participants recognized the challenge.

HOT VIDEO: 'Never Gonna Stand for This'

Feel free to sing along. The conservative movement is moving into every facet of our society. Don't forget to thank a liberal for waking the sleeping Americans up.

CAN'T MISS: Beck Compares Two D.C. Rallies


The left and right wing showed their true colors with their rallies.