Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trouble in Saudi Arabia Could Trigger Global Alarm

Just over 3 minutes into the embedded clip below, warns Williams:
“We better hope Saudi Arabia is not on the list for the next round of let’s topple the leader. Because that could give us… that is 10% of the oil. That could give us, not to be alarmist, but that could trigger a global recession. We could be in a heap of trouble.”
Now we know that Obama is playing hide and go seek with this pending issue. It will have immediate implications on every American and Obama is doing nothing. He is holding our oil supply hostage as well as our reserves. This admin. is the most inept group this country has ever had. And we have had some inept admin. over the years. Obama has no problem jumping all over social issues. He is bunk mates with the unions. And for some reason he can't find them to tell us what they are doing about this international crisis. I take it they are doing nothing.
Were is our leader President Obama?

Rich Guy Michael Moore Says Wealthy American‘s Money is Not Theirs its ’Ours‘ ’A National Resource’ We Need To Take It From Them

You have to love these "special" liberals. I have a novel idea. How about we start his plan with him? I'm just kidding. That would be steeling and that is against the law and the Ten Comandments. How about he give it away? Someone needs to ask to see how much he gives to charity.

If liberals put as much time and effort into making wealth insead of taking wealth, we would already be out of this recession.

Madison Capital Has Become Gross With Slob Partiers

I will never forget what these people did to our National Mall for their One Nation rally. Now they have turned government buildings into a rave and free for all. Why is it so hard to clean up after yourselves and take a bath every day? I understand it's hard to wipe when someone took all the toilet paper. But is it so hard to take a shit and piss in a toilet and not the floor, when you go to the bathroom? Don't they realize that it is public employees that have to clean that mess up?

How do you think it looks for your cause when you have made a mockery of the state capitol by partying like it's 1969? "Don't take the brown acid" Woodstock.

A look at both sides in pictures tells the whole story. Conservative protests are always peaceful and law abiding. We clean up after ourselves and after you. On the other side their are the liberal protests. Violence,lawlessness and just pure filth. They make it a point to leave their mark where ever they go.

The question is who would you like to see in power? The pigs that want to take power from you or the builders that want to give the power back to you?

Senator Grothman went on MSNBC last night and rebuked the filthy dirtbag protesters as a bunch slobs:

nullThis is just gross.

Mob of Angry Protesters Corners Wisconsin GOP Senator

Is this really “what democracy looks like”?

Wisconsin state Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman found himself in a frightening situation at the Wisconsin State Capitol after being tailed and cornered by a large group of angry protesters who screamed and hurled curses at him as he tried to enter the building.  

(Warning: Video contains graphic language.  Viewer discretion is advised.)
Is this the violent rhetoric Obama said to stop? Where is Obama in all of this violence and inflammatory rhetoric coming from his ilk? And while Obama is at it he can tell those Dems to get back to work and stop hiding. There is law in this country. What if the Republicans had done the same thing with ObamaCare? How do you think that would have looked to the Americans expecting law and democracy in their own country?

We are a civil society so start acting like it. Stop acting like the Greece rioters and Al Qiada. And stop acting like you are the only ones making consesions. You are not a protected ilite group

Wis. Protesters Can‘t Explain Why They’re Rallying

One union “spokesperson,” however, doesn’t have any trouble saying that if the bill passes someone will “throw the first brick into the statehouse,“ which will make him ”happy.” There’s also the gem of one man claiming the phrase “liberty and justice for all” is part of the preamble to the Constitution:

To be fair, we can’t say this sample represents the entire group of protesters. But it does seem to support accusations that at least some are protesting for protesting‘s sake and don’t understand why they’re out there.

You've got to love these useful idiots. From the videos coming out of these protests you'd think they were all ignorant and violent. Not all are. But there sure are a lot of them. You can't help but laugh at these ignoramuses protesting. This is better then TV. You can't write this stuff.

Enjoy your protest. But for goodness sake keep it peaceful and legal.