Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'Fight for It!'

I'm sure they didn't really mean what they said in this video. I hope they are not telling their civil army to 'fight for it'. Or are they? Obama has made it clear he and his ilk are willing to fight. They have used the unions as their front line in defence. I wish the Obama's would have told their minion to clean up the National Mall when they turned it into a 3rd world country in less then 3 hours. In these inflammatory times the Obama's use words like "Fight". Is that wise? If the Tea Party had used those kind of aggressive words they would have been called violent. Well the tides have changed and we are seeing who is calling for violence. Like the old Westerns used to say."them there fighting words".

Church & State: Coons 'The Marxist' Is Clueless On The Constitution


Michelle Malkin: Chris Coons Can’t Name the Five Freedoms in the First Amendment

Yep, when he got caught with his own intellectual pants down, Coons runs to the moderators for cover.

It’s obvious from O’Donnell’s very specific challenge to Coons during the debate that she knows perfectly well about the establishment and free exercise of religion clauses in the First Amendment. It’s obvious that Coons is not only unfamiliar with the rest of the First Amendment, but also that he is wholly unfamiliar with where the phrase “separation of church and state” originated. And it’s obvious from the warped, gleeful spin on this exchange just how in the tank for Democrats the “objective” press — protected by our precious, poorly understood, and frquently squandered First Amendment — really is.