Monday, October 4, 2010

Violence And Hate From The One Nation Socialist Democrat Rally

It's not bad enough that these "Democrats" left the National Mall a disaster area when they left. But there was a lot of violence caught on tape at this rally. The Restoring Honor rally had no arrests. Human Events was taking this video when they were beaten by this "Democrat". Not much love in the air at that rally. And it is nice to see the Mother Earth cult making such a mess of their god Earth.

Socialist And The Democratic Party Joint Together At One Nation Rally

Like the Newsweek magazines cover said,"We Are All Socialist Now" reads very true with the Democratic Party and the union leaders. If you are a socialist then that Democratic Socialist rally was a big win for you. The Democratic Party has officially come out at this rally as the new socialist parties latest takeover. It seems that all the "Democrats" and union members that didn't go to the rally are shaking their heads in shame over what the unions and the "Democratic Party" have become. Socialists! Many of the union members that were bussed in felt like they had been duped into going to a socialist rally rather then a "union rally".
Many of the attendees were in shock when they heard many of the speakers invoke Gods name and then in the same breath they called for the ralliers to "get arrested together" and to "fight" or "take" from one group of Americans.  I understand that a lot of these non-socialist Democrats don't feel comfortable voting for the Republican Party because of prejudice. You disenfranchised Democrats need to look at the Libertarian Party as a viable alternative to the socialist Democratic Party. I'll explain the parties this way. The Republican Party wants the government in your bedroom. The Democratic Party wants all the other rooms. And the Libertarian Party wants the government out of the house other then perimeter protection in case someone wants whats in your house. Do you really want someone other then you running your house? If not then why would you vote for the socialist Democratic Party? At some point you will be the "rich" one that has to give up what you have worked for. And that is when I don't want to hear your bitching. When you have to pay for a program that you aren't using you will get pissed. When you have less of your money to do what you want with then don't bitch about it. If you voted socialist Democrat then you are the problem and you deserve to pay. But our kids do not deserve it. They deserve what we had and all the other Americans had before them had. "Democrats" it's time to take a crap or get off the pot. If you aren't a socialist then get out now. If you want to save the "Democratic Party" then you need to send them a message with your vote. We have been warning you "Democrats" that the socialist were taking over your party under the "Progressive" name. And we all know how "Progressives" change their names often. And all you non-socialist union members. You better tell your union leaders that you aren't happy with the socialist agendas they have picked up. Socialism isn't a good thing no matter what the union leaders and the "Democratic Party" tell you. If you want to save your union and the "Democratic Party" you better purge them of the socialists that have taken over them. I do know that the Republican Party is celebrating the coming out party on 10/02/10 of the new socialist "Democratic Party".  The Republican Party is celebrate the way that the left wing left the National Mall vs. the way the conservatives left it. It speaks volumes as to the content of their character and their fundamental differences. One would clean up the mess and the other makes the mess. One group was mostly Republicans and the other was all "Democrats". Which one will you hire to clean up the mess in our government?
Votes Democrat pic via pinkelephantpun’s Stream
Votes Democrat
Votes Democrat
Votes Democrat
Obviously the Trash Collectors’  Union was not represented at One Nation (photo credit Jenny Erikson)

If you still think that the Democratic Party and the union leaders aren't socialist then you are nuts! It's time that all Americans see what the Democratic Party and the unions have become. Email these pictures to 10 friends and ask 2 email friends to send them out to 10 of their friends and so on. That is the only good idea that came out of this socialist event.

One Nation Rally An Epic Failer

You tell me which rally was bigger? Somehow the left think they had more people at the union/Soros rally. But this is the same group that said only 87,000 people were at the Restoring Honor rally. It's a shame that there was such a small turn out from what their 1 million plus expectations were. It amazes me how messy the left wing was with so few people. Maybe they took their trash from home and dumped it? I heard the police were busy that day as well as the clean up crews. Drugs and violence were prevalent at this event

Look at these two Reason TV videos below.

But they still had a lot of union members bussed into this rally. I hope you conservatives are prepared for what these left wing are planning to do to keep what they feel they have earned? The socialist and communist were out in droves. As well as the people of color making off color remarks. The hate video's and the racism at the rallies is coming out and I will make sure everyone on this blog sees it. Feel free to put these videos on your blog.


Here is what the conservatives that want to run our country left our nations capitol like. One group left the National Mall cleaner then they found it. The other were nothing less then locust leaving everything like a pig sty. This union socialist rally let us see the fundamental difference between the two groups. Which group would you let run your country?