Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are You Prepared If Saudi Arabia Follows The Rest Of The Middle East?

The map has updated news about the protests and uprisings in each reagion in the Middle East and North Africa.

Algeria Egypt Jordan Lebanon Morocco Tunisia Yemen
Prepare for the worse and hope for the best.

The reason why I ask if you are prepared is because our government isn't. Instead of increasing oil drilling in this country, he has shut it down. Since the Deep Water Horizon disaster the Obama admin. has only given out one,yes just one, permit to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. Does that sound like they are preparing for a possable energy crisis in the Middle East? If Saudi Arabia falls we are looking at a gas crisis bigger then the 70's. Other then sitting on their hands what is the Obama admin. doing about protecting our energy needs? Electric cars,wind mills, solar power? Those are distant and hopeful pipe dreams. Alt-energy is a long way away from being able to supply our energy needs. What is Obama doing to keep our economy going? Stopping drilling? Not giving permits for drilling?

It is painfully obvious that we can not count on our government to protect our interests and national security. With illegal protests,it's illegal to protest in Saudi Arabia, being scheduled this week and next, a revolution is starting to look like a possibility. None of us know if it will happen of not. But it would be foolish to not prepare.

You better have your back because this government doesn't.

14 Missing Dems got Big Money from Union. Are You Shocked?

The 14 Wisconsin Democratic senators who fled to Illinois share more than just political sympathy with the public employees and unions targeted by Gov. Scott Walker's budget-repair bill.

One out of every five dollars raised by those Democratic senators in the past two election cycles came from public employees, such as teachers and firefighters, and their unions, a Journal Sentinel analysis of campaign records shows.

This is why the Democratic Party and the public union monopoly keep make we the taxpayers pay every time.

The Republican Party is willing to do what is best for the taxpayers. That is something the Democratic Party can't do. They are beholden to this monopoly. This country need a long term fix and the only way we can fix our budget is to fix the union monopoly. We can't keep feeding the wants of the public employees unions and the Democratic Party. The time has come to stop serving the public unions and make them serve us for a change. It is their job you know?

Like all monopolies they must be limited in their power over the people. The unions wont be destroyed by limiting their power over the tax payers and government. But they wont be able to destroy us either.

If you want to see what happens to the American Dream when unions and Progressive Democrats come together to control a city. I've lived in both cities. It is amazing what happens when Progressives and unions control the government. Have you ever seen how corrupt Detroit city government is?

The nice thing about Progressives is they will blame Detroit on the Color of Skin Theory of theirs. Detroit isn't a political problem even though Detroit has had Democrats in office for over 50 years now. Why blame politics when you can blame whites for leaving the city to the blacks? That is their arguement. See while conservatives tend to believe in only one race, the human race. Liberals tend to believe in many races. Liberals also believe that the color of your skin has more to do with things then the content of a persons characture. For some reason liberals think because they focus on the white skin it's all good. It's not all good at all. Any time you blame the color of skin for the problems of today it's racism.

Ideology, politics and culture play the roll for all the ills. Skin color means nothing. Just because Detroit is mostly black isn't a black or white problem. That isn't what caused the cities massive problems. Ideology did. Ideology is closing half of Detroit schools. Ideology is causing black kids to fail school. Not the color of their skin. And when we look at ideology as the problem don't listen to the liberals screaming "racist". Point out to those liberals who is making race the bigger issue in wheather a child does well or not in school. Or wheather a city fails or not. Stop letting liberals contol the dialogue of race vs ideology. Stand up and speak boldly.
I have to say. Even back in the 90's I'd rather live in Hiroshima them Detroit. Hiroshima has gotten much nicer since I last lived their. Detroit is just unliveable. My heart goes out to the children of Detroit. They don't deserve the Progressive city they were born in. No one deserves that.

THIS IS THE DAY OF YOUR DOOM: Farrakhan Says Mideast Uprisings Will Come to America’s Door

Are you ready for what they say is coming? I'm not.

Jon Stewart Baffled by CNN: ‘You’re Not Even News Anchors Anymore’

“We get so caught up watching Fox News and everything we forget to check in on the 24 hour news network that started it all — the most trusted name in news, CNN; the gold standard. What have they been up to lately?”
Here’s what Stewart found (and it involved “reporter roulette” and a cat in a bunny mask):