Sunday, December 5, 2010

9.8% Unemployment: How Will They Spin That

We told you for over 2 1/2 years that what the Democrats were doing would not get people jobs and fix the economy. Why is it we have been right? I find it hard to believe that there are still people that back the Democratic Party watching this train wreck. How is it that most of the Bush TARP money has been paid back while Obama's TARP money and Stimulus 1,2 and three is a ghost? Why is it the Democratic Party refuses to give the 99er unemployed the rest of the unspent Stimulus money? We tried it the Progressive way and it isn't working at all. The Democratic Party took more money from us tax payers then anyone in history. They have made it impossible for the next generations with their debts and devaluing of our money. When Bush had the tech bubble burst and 911 he fixed the loopholes in the system and gave us our money back to spend ourselves. Guess what? It worked. Under Bush we had an average unemployment of 5.4%. We aren't even seeing what the real unemployment numbers are. This is one of the longest most drawn out recession in our history. We told you it would happen. It did and now you don't see it? You don't see it like a serial killers mom doesn't see her son as a killer. The only good thing that's come out of the Democratic heist is that the Progressive are destroying the Republicans competition. And for that I thank you. So this is the question. Conservatives how do you think the Democrats will spin their epic failures? How is the fact that the liberals are pushing for "civil disobedience and violence if needed" help out their cause? And how is the fact that the Democratic Party is dividing the country by race,wealth and religion going to serve the Democratic Progressive Party. Could it be the old saying,"united we stand,divided we fall"? If so then why would they want to do this if not to fundamentally change our nation? Have you noticed that when a country changes to some form of socialism this is how they all have done it? Great nations have fallen using this same tactic since the beginning. If you aren't getting ready for even harder economic times then you are blind or ignorant. I didn't say stupid because even an idiot can see where the Democratic Party is taking us.