Monday, May 24, 2010

SEIU's Union Thugs Protests(Mob) Bank of America Executives Homes goes to show you what is fundamentally wrong with these unions. They bussed in hundreds of mobsters to scare and intimidate families in their home. I don't care if SEIU wants to protest but why not do it at the banks? This kind of thug bullshit needs to stop. They have beaten Tea Partiers and they have used every form of Rules For Radicals they can to gain power over we the people. These executives have families that were scared to death that this mob might turn violent at any moment. One exec had this mob outside his house with his 12 year old son inside alone. Just think how they scared these young kids and wives. Is this how the left is going to make us do what they want? SEIU is on the top of the Shit list with this move. And the police that didn't want to help that father get his son out of the house are bigger pieces of shit. The cops said they were afraid to do anything because it might excite the mob into violence. So even the cops were afraid of this mob trespassing and trying to intimidate a fellow citizen of this country. A person has every right to protect his property and family if the cops wont. If I was one of these executives I would gather a group of "intimidaters" and go to Andy Sterns homes and the other union bosses homes and teach them a lesson in fear tactics. I would find out who was on their property and play hardball with these SEIU mobsters. At some point in time the right needs to stop turning the other cheek to these POS and fight back or we will always be their punching bag. Now you might be saying that this doesn't sound too Christian like and you may be right. But you may be wrong. If anyone hears anything about a SEIU protest coming up in the Metro Detroit area let me know. I would love nothing more then to go and stand on the porch of an executive and face the mob. This is wrong what they are doing and we the people need to stand up for our fellow Americans. This story needs to get out and we need to show America and the union members what the union has become. Take a good look at Greece union riots and tell me SEIU isn't doing the same thing. It just hasn't gotten to the riot point yet. But SEIU has gotten violent over the last 2 years.

What About Jobs?What About The Wars,The Patriot Act,The BP Oil Spill and Pork?

They said if we did what they wanted with the Stimulus Bill unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. They said the Patriot Act was unconstitutional and they they made it even worse. They said our spending and debt was out of control so the added to it by more then double. And what about BP? BP gave Obama what I consider to be a crap load of money and it looks like once again that money BP gave was well spent on the company. Just like the banks and the Big Three got their moneys worth. GE is doing well with our money. This weekend I spent some time with my Democratic friends. They are UAW through and through and have never voted for anyone other then who the union tells them to vote for. But things are changing. They have "heard Obama's lies for too long" they said. They feel that the Gulf coast is worse then Katrina because the fish and animals didn't have the same chance to leave as the New Orleans people did. They are not as against Bush as they used to be because Obama is proving to be as "criminal as Bush". I actually had a good friend of mine tell me he has been reading more about Bush and Obama and now sees Bush as being "not so bad" and "Obama is not so good". The funny thing is they were all for the redistribution of wealth until now. You may ask why now as I did. Well it's because they aren't getting theirs. They thought that Obama was going to take money from the greedy rich and give it to them. But it looks like Obama took from them,and their kids,kids,kids in order to give to big business. It does suck to be a Democrat right now. Most Americans thought they were getting a JFK but now they know he's nothing at all like JFK but more like Woodrow Wilson.