Monday, March 28, 2011

Muslims Say 12th Imam or Mahdi "Is About To Appear"

“New evidence has emerged that the Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a signal that the Mahdi–or Islamic messiah–is about to appear.”
So begins an ominous report by CBN’s Erick Stakelbeck detailing a propaganda video reportedly “approved at the highest levels of the Iranian government.“ That video explains ”all the signs are moving into place — and that Iran will soon help usher in the end times.”the Mahdi by another name, the twelfth imam — a term not lost to Stakelbeck, who writes thattThe new video “describes current events in the Middle East as a prelude to the arrival of the mythical twelfth Imam or Mahdi — the messiah figure who Islamic scriptures say will lead the armies of Islam to victory over all non-Muslims in the last days.”
Stakelbeck reports, and includes excerpts from the video called “The Coming is Near:”
Joel C. Rosenberg, interviewed in the CBN piece, has been a guest writer on The Blaze. As part of our series “Understanding Egypt,” he wrote:
The leaders in Tehran could not be more excited by the revolution now underway in Egypt and are praying the Mubarak regime collapses and the Muslim Brotherhood come to power. For them, such events would be dramatic new evidence that the End of Days has come, infidel Arab regimes are on the road to collapse, Western influence in the Mideast is declining, Israel is one step closer to being annihilated, and the Twelfth Imam is one step closer to arriving and establishing the worldwide Islamic kingdom known as the “caliphate.”
Back in February, Beck devoted part of his TV program to the idea of the twelfth imam:

I don't care if you believe this or not. The fact is, millions of Muslims do believe it. The blood that the Muslims will bring to the streets will be ours, unless we convert to this Islamic cult. It's time we realize that Islam is at war with us and all "infidels". We better put away our rose color glasses the left-wing tells us we must wear. When we are told that there is no connection to Islam and terrorism they are just trying to sell us a pile of poo. When the left-wing tell us that Christians and Jews are the problem show them the pictures of Islam.

More Left-Wing Racism. You Wont Guess Who Is Calling Obama a N-Word?

You can't make this stuff up. It turns out that it's not the Tea Party that is calling Obama the N-word. It's the New Black Panther Party and Muslims. You have to give it to the left-wing, they always pick winners to join their merry band of idiots. If we give the left-wing enough rope and time they will hang themselves with their own violent racist rhetoric. I just pray that the Secret Service keeps Obama safe now that the real radicals are out for blood.

Gas Was $1.82 When Obama Took Office: "Change"

Stock Image - a woman’s hand 
holds a red gas 
pump pouring out 
american dollar 
bills. fotosearch 
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photos, pictures, 
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and photo clipartRember the good old days, we've already been through them. When Obama brought us "Hope" and "Change" no one knew what that really meant thanks to the MSM. But we do know what gas prices were. Did any of you Obama voters think change meant higher gas prices? Lower house prices? Higher unemployment? Massive debt increases? A third war in an Islamic country? Fighting side by side with Al Queda? Worse international relations? Stagflation? Higher food prices? More violence and division? Government shutdown? State government bankruptcies? I don't know about you but I don't think the world or this country can handle any more "Hope" and "Change".

We gave the government from the president to both houses of congress to the Democratic Party for years. They could pass anything they wanted and they did. We have tried the liberal government and it didn't work. It didn't make anything better. It didn't fix one thing. If you can think of anything the Democratic Party fixed or made better since they took over the country, please let me know. If you think this is all Bush's fault and the Republican Parties fault please explain?

Reporter Held Captive In Closet During Joe Biden Fundraiser

Reporter Confined in Closet During Biden Fundraiser
Staffers with Vice President Joe Biden confined an Orlando Sentinel reporter in a closet this week to keep him from mingling with high-powered guests gathered for a Democratic fundraiser.
Reporter Scott Powers was the designated "pool reporter" for the vice president's Wednesday visit to the massive Winter Park, Fla., home of developer and philanthropist Alan Ginsburg. The veep hadn't arrived yet but most of the 150 guests (minimum $500 donation) had. Read more at

Biden Aide Apologizes After Reporter Kept in Storage Closet During Fundraiser
...Biden spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander, responding to coverage of that account, said in a written statement Sunday that the decision to hold Powers there was a "mistake" and that the reporter has accepted her "unequivocal apology." The apology was made shortly after the fundraiser.
"This was the unfortunate mistake of an inexperienced staffer and the vice president's office has made sure it will never happen again," she said.

It makes you wonder what is going on at the staff meeting to make an aide to Biden think imprisoning a reporter in a closet was a good idea? I find it hard to believe that someone didn't hear the reporter crying for help and knocking on the closet door. Freedom is just a word to these people. It means nothing to them. All I can say is thank goodness a Republican or Tea Partier didn't do this.