Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jim Rogers Blasts ‘Clowns in Washington’ During Beck Interview

Jim Rogers said: “You would think that those clowns in Washington would read one history book and see what happens when people get into this kind of situation. Nobody ever has gotten out of this kind of situation without a crisis or a semi-crisis. Now, the crisis, or the semi-crisis, is coming sooner rather than later.”

Liberalism/Progressive or whatever they call themselves today, has never ever worked. It's been tried more times then any form of government and yet it has never worked. America has something that no other country on earth has ever had. We have the ability to govern ourselves as individuales. Americans have the right to fail and many Americans do. We have the right to make as much or as little money as we want. We can use our money as we see fit. I can practise any religion I want. I can speak freely about politics, religion or whatever I want.

Liberals on the other hand don't think Americans can govern themselves. They believe that Big Brother is their big bully. Taking money from those that have in order to "take care" of those that don't. They don't believe in charity because they don't give. They use "democracy" as a platform to take from the top 50% of income earners to give to the 50% of lower income earners. Government to them is a cash cow. Not a protector of or property and freedoms. These are the people that steal from their employer and then justify it by saying they deserve it for all their work. They are the worker that does the least work and the most bitching about working. They treat their employer like they are the enemy. They think they are worth more then their boss and they think they should make more money then their boss. They think the employer is their to serve them, rather then serving the employer. They also tend to believe in natural selection without realizing they would be cut from the herd first. They say that Obama and the Democratic Party are doing a great job even though they can't back that up with proof. They are anti war and anti debt when Republicans are in office and then become warmongers and deep pockets when a Democrat is in office.

The next time you hear a liberal start talking stupid, and they always do, laugh right in their face and remind them of all the stupid things they stand for and then don't stand for. It's no wonder why doctors of psychiatry think liberalism is a mental disease that could be treated. Can you think of any other stupid things liberals say and do?