Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seperation Of Church And State My Ass


  1. I saw this last night and posted it on Facebook. It makes quite a statement!

  2. Yep Mari, I viewed it last week and emailed it everywhere. many are not aware of the other stanzas in the original Francis Scott Key poem from which the National Anthem is derived.

    'Tis wonderful to hear it sung!

  3. That verse must burn the liberals asses. God is all over and above our country.

  4. wow, the damn fool gets it wrong. Amazing. there are FOUR STANZAS, not two. Dumb jarheads.

    But hey, this little bit for sure shows us that the founders in 1931 wanted to be a christian nation. Wait, is that possible?

    because little children who know very little the Star Spangled banner did not become our national anthem till then when the founding father of our nation Herbert Hoover signed the bill into law.

  5. Joe you are a dick head for calling our vet a dumb jarhead. Why don't you go beat the crap out of some black conservative like the rest of your racist military,Christ hating libs. It is obvious you hate everything that makes America great Joe but then again you are a anarchist.

  6. Man Those Tea Party People Are A Real Mob. Men, Women, Kids And Babies With Baby Bottle WOW Joe! Where Was The The Police Presence? Where Was The Vulgarity and Violence. Oh Never Mind Thats The Libs GIG!

    Most Jar Heads Would Not Be Happy Joe Calling Them "DUMB" So Keep It On The Blog But Per Chance You See One On The Street Try That Line On Him?

  7. Chris, you a vet? is he representing your non serving ass? I don;t know where you get the rest of the shit u posted. More dems in congress with service than repubs? But i'm the dickhead. sorry you missed the rest of the post. sorry if it proves your ass wrong again, but seems thats a common thing these days.

    Al, I'll see quite a few this weekend and I'll include the dumb part just for them. He's stupid, because he doesn't even know what he''s talking about.

  8. Joe The Dumb Marine Part Is "DUMB" Plain And Simple. Heck Theres Occassions When Even Your Wrong Would Not Call You Dumb.

    The Congress Military Service Is Still Upo In the Air. For The Facts Youd Have to Look At All Their Jackets Cause Them Saying So Dont Make It So!

  9. Our vets Joe. They served us that is how I got the "our vets". Off the meds Joe???? Joe why are you loosing it you weak POS? Is it because we conservatives are flushing the progressives down the toilet where they belong? You you really stepped in it a lot lately? And Joe leave our vets alone and stop calling them "dumb jarheads". Those "dumb jarheads" are dieing every day for us in this war. Didn't Obama and Congress say they were gewtting out of those wars?

  10. Chris, you keep putting WEAK ASS SHIT UP on your blog. Stuff that doesn't prove anything or is blatantly false.

    But lets get back to that W.A.S.. Does the fact that the president made the Star Spangled Banner our national anthem in 1931 and that it has a stanza about "in God We trust" makes us a christian nation?

  11. Al, please prove me wrong then. Like i do to Chris all the time.

    just by questioning it doesn't make it not true. Prove it.

  12. joe i beleive your ideaology is wrong for our country and our blogging from both sides is proof to me i am right. you do seem to stay away from issues that cannot be argued. i guess i will give you credit for that and there are times i ask questions regarding issues to you and those anwers must still be in the mail. i do on occassion agree with you but on occassion you dont bother to answer questions it hard to prove you right or wrong.


    Has The Lazering In on Jobs This Regime PROMISED In January Occurring, Most Created Jobs Have Been In Government and That Helps Economy How?

    Our Defict Has Been Said By Many Economist Of All Ideaologies To Be Unsubstainable. Tax Increase To All Be Needed To Keep Us From Going Bankrupt. What Tax Do You Beleive Will Be Used Value Added Tax Or National Tax?

    If By Chance We Go The Way Of Greece And Go Bankrupt What Would You Do Or Say To Entitlement Citizens Who Through Political Manuvering Have Become Beholding To Government For Their Well Being?

    How Do You Think Entitlement Mentality Citizens Will React To Being Told Nation Broke?

    Government Socialized Insurance. Who Will Pay For The New Entitlement?

    Who Is In Charge Of Taxes Being Collected Now To Be Used In Four Years To Help Pay For It?

    Is Socialized Insurance Holding Back Private Sector From Hiring?

    Will Insurance Benifits Received Now Be Put Onto Taxable Income For Citizens?

    How Do You Take 500 Billion From Medicare To Help Pay For Socialized Insurance When Medicare is 12 to 14 Trillion in Debt?

    How Does Socialized Insurance Bring Down Cost Of Health Care?

    Whats The Difference Between Socialized Insurance and Medicade Which Is Trillions In Debt Now?

    What Has Regime Done To Stimulate The Economy and Create Jobs and Where?

    Small Business Hires Most Private Sector Citizens, What Has Regime Done To Assist Private Sector?

    What Is This Regimes Foreign Policy Regarding Anything?

    The Secretary of Interior and Secretary Of Education With Mammoth Amount Of Employees Have Accomplished What Over Last 40 years. Should They Be Abolished If So Whats Your Remedy?

  13. Joe God is in all major religions stupid. If it said in Jesus Christ we trust then you would have a point. You are PROJECTING again Joe. Joe you are so dilutional. You haven't proven anything to anyone but your diluted self. You have gone nuts since winter has made window licking obsolite. AL don't waist your time with Joe. He will just call you names when you have him pinned down with facts and common sense.

  14. So Joe, singing the national anthem is (your words) "WEAK ASS SHIT UP"
    Following your in parties footsteps, I see.
    KMA, Joe!

  15. Mark, not my words. Yours.

    the weakass shit is Chris's "seperation of church and state my ass" title.

    Just because the president in 1931 made a song with a reference to God the anthem doesn't mean shit. It doesn't change the fact that government should not be endorsing God or religion.

  16. Joe Take The Week End Off You Got To Much Anger And To Few Answers. Play With The Kids Fresh Air And A Good Meal. Whats Worse Joe White Attack Black,Black Attacks White Or As You Have Asked Wheres The Blacks In The Tea Party Movement? Seems To Be Joe Your The Pot Calling The Kettle Black, Gosh I Hope Thats Not Racist Thingy Of Yours!

  17. Then get out of this country Joe. God is all over this country,our money,our documents and our monuments. It was ment to be there because the people that put it there found this country not you weak ass liberals. Go to Venazuala if you want a Godless nation. Jo0e where in the constitution does it say anything about seperation of Church and state? We know they wanted God all over the country and they wanted people to have the choice of what religion to pratice. They also wanted the government out of the Church because of what happened with the Church of England. Joe you are becoming more and more diluted.


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