Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Federal Judge Struck Down Obama Ban On Oil Drilling In Gulf

FILE - In a Tuesday, June 8, 2010 photo, a deepwater drilling rig operates near the... (AP Photo/Dave Martin, File)
 A federal judge struck down the Obama administration's six-month ban on deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, saying the government rashly concluded that because one rig failed, the others are in immediate danger, too.
The White House promised an immediate appeal. The Interior Department had halted approval of any new permits for deepwater drilling and suspended drilling of 33 exploratory wells in the Gulf.
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said President Barack Obama believes that until investigations can determine why the spill happened, continued deepwater drilling could expose workers and the environment to "a danger that the president does not believe we can afford."    Today is a bad day for the Obama admin and the Democratic Party as a whole. First he was disrespected in public by his general in Afghanistan and now a federal judge has struck down Obama's illegal ban on oil drilling in the Gulf. Now everyone including those chosen by Obama have said the oil drilling ban is not a good thing but Obama will fight this decision like a spoiled child. When will Obama do what is right for the people instead of what is good for his friends like Soros's company Petrobras in Brazil. If Obama chooses to be a bitch and fight the decision then he is nothing less then a criminal

Gen.McChrystal Makes The Obama Admin. Look Out Of Control

An article out this week in "Rolling Stone" magazine depicts Gen. Stanley McChrystal as a lone wolf on the outs with many important figures in the Obama administration and unable to convince even some of his own soldiers that his strategy can win the war.

A band of McChrystal's profane, irreverent aides are quoted mocking Vice President Joe Biden and Richard Holbrooke, the special U.S. representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

McChrystal himself is described by an aide as "disappointed" in his first Oval Office meeting with an unprepared President Barack Obama. The article says that although McChrystal voted for Obama, the two failed to connect from the start. Obama called McChrystal on the carpet last fall for speaking too bluntly about his desire for more troops.

"I found that time painful," McChrystal said in the article, on newsstands Friday. "I was selling an unsellable position."
This is incredible to me. I find it hard to believe that a man that has gotten to the point of General in our military doesn't understand what he did. Gen.McChrystal made the Obama admin look like a bunch of idiots that didn't have a clue what they were doing. This undermines the Obama admin and the Democratic party. These are the people in charge and it is obvious there are a lot of issues with the military and the way the military is fighting the wars. Generals don't break rank unless it is necessary. And if what the General is saying is right then we are in big trouble. The Obama admin better get control of the military and fix what is broken. This can't be blamed on anyone other then the Obama admin. If these guys were running a company instead of a country they would have all been canned. Ask yourself why did McChrystal say these things about his boss? What did McChrystal have to gain by doing that?