Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clinton Twp Wasn't The Only Thug Counter Protest Of Freaks

Lacking the patience to follow the game plan of shouting racial epithets while posing as patriots, screeching moonbats from USW 8751, a union representing school bus drivers, crashed the Tea Party in Boston today:
The attack was organized by the International Action Center.
Is scum like this going to determine the future of our country? Only if we let it. These liberals are out of control. They have become unhinged and looking to start violence. They antagonize the police in all their liberal riots and now they are trying to antagonize us into violence against them. They think they can do whatever they want to get what they want. It's time they get a little of their own medicine. When you see scum like this coming be peaceful and creative. Wouldn't it have been funny if they tripped right then? Or if a slushy fell on those idiots pushing through the crowd like they are better then everyonene else. But if the crowd surounded them and didn't let them pass they would have gotten the point of who is in control.  We can not let these liberals control us for even one second. These people have become our enemies by their choice. We now know how they work and what they are trying to do to us. They are trying to make us angry and lash out. We must never ever do what they want. We give them control of us when we take their bait. If they try and get you pissed ,laugh at them. Gather around them and laugh at them. If they want to act like animals and push through you in the crowd. Don't move. Make them move. Make them react. Make them crack by laughing at them or making people laugh at them.  Never ever try and reason with them. You can ask them questions but don't reason with them. And if you see protester like them start laughing at them it will make other follow your lead. Point and laugh. It may sound childish but that is all these libs understand.

More Great Video Of The Counter 'Special' Protesters At The Tea Party Express In Clinton Twp.        I know this video should be named Libtards Gone Crazy but the Tin Foil Hat Man did win our hearts. This is a video that John took from the counter protest in Clinton Twp Tea Party Express.  Many of the blacks were hired to work this protest. The signs were made for them. And the Tin Foil Hat Man and Speech Impedament Man are in rare form. The one guy was just trying to tell those angry hatefilled protesters that his son was in Afghanistan fighting for ther right to protest. That is when the protester started screaming "Don't touch me". You can see the angry protesters serounding this poor man while yelling at him and putting a camera in his face to intimidate him. That man wasn't intimidated one bit. Thanks to him we have this video of the heart and soulless nature of these protesters. Now granted the man with the tin foil hat is batshit nuts but just look at how crazy the others are all around them. Can you hear all the Tea Partiers laughing at these idiots? I'd like to thank all those protesters for coming and giving all those Tea Partiers some comic relief before they entered the real rally that had between 2,000 and 4,000 people show up. And I'd like to give a speciel thanks to that great patriotic American father a BIG thank you for standing up for our rights. And thank his son for protecting us in Afghanistan. These crazies wanted to take down the Pentigon. Enjoy and there are many more pictures and video coming of the protest. We will not let these jerkoffs intimidate us. We will laugh them out and that will make them even more angry. I hope these protesters don't plane on doing something to the Pentagon. No just look at those dumb looks on their faces and you will see they can't do anything for themselves and maybe that is why they need the government and unions to do everything for them. For any of you anti-American protesters that wanted to "get rid" of the Pentagon don't do anything violent. I can't wait to see what these mutant liberals do at the next Tin Foil Hat Counter Protest. PS Tin Foil Hat man needs his meds ASAP.