Friday, October 29, 2010

Democratic Socialist Party And Democratic Party Are One And The Same Now

From New Zealand Patriot:
Jarvis Tyner, national executive vice-chair of the Communist Party USA, spoke in Detroit October 7, on the need to for “left and progressive” minded people to help insure a huge voter turnout for the midterm election.
Tyner is uncompromising in his support for the Democrats and Communist Party “friend” Barack Obama.
If there was any doubt in your mind that the Democratic Party and Communist Party USA have joined to become one then here you go. If you were a Democrat is this the Democratic Party you used to belong to?

Teachers Union Gone Wild

WARNING: [Contains graphic and lewd language]
 And the teachers wonder why the students don't respect them. You heard it from the teachers mouth why the unions are bad for our kids. It's time we privatize education so our children have a snowballs chance in Hell of paying off our progressive debt.

MoveOn ‘Republicorp’ Activist Chokes Conservative Protester at Arizona Rally

You may remember that the woman who was stepped on by the Rand Paul supporter was working as an instigator for the MoveOn “Republicorp” project which tries to ridicule Republicans as lapdogs for business interests. Well those Republicorp activists are a busy group. And sometimes they are instigating the violence! Witness this encounter in Arizona:
 It is funny how the left try and make everything seem like we are the violent ones. Maddow had a one hr. special on Dr.Tiller the abortion doctor that was murdered. She tried to paint all conservatives as being this way. She forgot to mention,with all of her accusations, that less then a month later a left winger murdered a pro-choice activist. Once again the left MSM only give half the story. While the left are out in droves acting uncivil they are focusing only on the one or two times a conservative has done what the left do so well.