Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Race Was Reason Holder Dropped Black Panther Case

Please watch this video and give your thoughts on it. I'd really like to know what the left is thinking about this kind of special treatment because of the color of their skin. Is it OK to judge a person based on their skin color? And is reverse discrimination good or bad? 

A former Justice Department attorney who quit his job to protest the Obama administration's handling of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case is accusing Attorney General Eric Holder of dropping the charges for racially-motivated reasons. Just so you know the New Black Panther Party is a black version of the KKK.
Is this racism or isn't it? Is it OK for blacks to intimidate white only or can the Neo-Nazi's have the same blind eye of the court? Is this the "social justice" the left has been talking about? Because it sure as heck isn't equal justice thats for sure.

We've Been Eating Well Off Of The Yard This Year

Michigan weather and earth grow some great foods with great flavor. At this time of year my garden feeds a lot of  people a lot of organic homegrown fruits and veggies. I made a hot sauce with the 5 kinds of peppers I grow,cilantro,garlic,tomato's and other ingredients like coffee,sea salt and kombucha vinegar which I also make. So far this year we have eaten Bing and Rainier cherries,raspberries,dewberries,mulberries,service berries,strawberries,rhubarb,5 kinds of greens for salads,green beans and sweet peas,zucini and zucini flowers. And every herb you can think of to cook with. Soon the tomato's and the cucumbers will be in. I will cut my cauliflower and broccoli tomorrow for a party. The boys and I love just being able to eat all that ,God candy as we call it, fruits off the vine or trees. The wildlife love it and so do the hungry in our community. It puts a smile on my face to see so many enjoying my garden of Edin. I have more song bird,rabbits,opossum,raccoon,squirrel then you can imagine in my yard eating mulberries. Now all I need is ways to cook all this stuff up. If you have any good food ideas please chime in with a post. Tonight I'm cooking zucini flowers in butter,sea salt,
ground pepper and vanilla.

Does The Stock Market Trust The Democrats?

The Democrats are saying the recovery is here. But for some reason the stock market and the millions of Americans that invest in stocks don't think so. In May new house sales dropped 33% thanks to the government intervention to coax new home buyers into the housing market. That was money well spent. Obama and the Democrats said that if we didn't pass their Democrats only stimulus bill we would see unemployment of 9%. But the Democrats say the stimulus worked we just aren't smart enough to see it. The Democrats created jobs in the public system and lost a near record number in the private sector. The ratio of private to public sector jobs is unsustainable. Our nation debt has grown at a record amount thanks to the Democrats insatiable appetite for spending our money on unnecessary programs. They take our kids money and buy something for their voters with it and then blame the rich. And then we have a disaster in the Gulf like we have never seen and Obama just talks tough and says,"I'm on it". The one thing the Federal government is tasked to take care of and they hand it off to BP to take care off. Did Obama hand over the disaster of a lifetime over to BP to fix so he and the Democratic party can critique their actions? It sure does seem like it,doesn't it? But none of this is Obama or the Democrats fault ,"it's all Bush's fault". I don't remember when I heard a President blame the last President like Obama does. Since Obama took over the wars everything is rosy again. e but he did what Bush had planned on doing all along. But he did it with 10,000 fewer troops and he put stupid restrictions on the soldiers. He's done a great job with the timeline he promised the voters on closing Gitmo. And Obamacare was nothing like the Democrats said and everything the Republicans said.  Who needs to trust the President when you have a media that will spin it all for them. Things are going exactly the way the Democrats said it would. Aren't they? Well I'm going to take another look at my 401K knowing that come Nov. it will start going back up again. Come Nov. we will watch the private sector grow without the fear of reprisal from the Democrats. It's time to get these Democratic monkeys of our backs. We need to do what the conservatives have been saying all along. They have been right on everything thus far,ya know? And once we we get conservatives into office get ready because the cuts will come. Let's see what the free market can do when it is unleashed. Let's see what kind of great ideas come out of small American companies when they are given the chance. Let's see what happens to the unemployment lines when the Republican get government out of the way. Let's see what happens when taxes are dropped and the debt shrinks with the size of government. Let's see what a balanced budget looks like when the Republicans are in charge of Congress. I know all the liberals out there think I'm a racist now because I hurt their feelings with the facts and reality. Sorry for that. LOL. How is your portfolio doing with the Democrat in total charge of government?
This is from the blogger A Conservative Teacher. It shows what the unemployment looked like under each parties terms of Senate over the last 25 years. It's a picture that the Democrat should understand. And if you don't know what the Senate does then quiz yourself on the internet.