Sunday, July 25, 2010

North Korea Thinks We Have Become Weak

A U.S. Navy helicopter flies over the Nimitz-class USS George Washington for joint... (AP Photo/ Lee Jin-man). North Korea has already given a declaration of war to our friend South Korea with little more then a funny look from President Obama. Could this all be part of the Obama plan? Could this be the Democratic Parties plan to create jobs and lower the unemployment? Nothing like a world war to get everyone working again. Nothing like a common enemy to rally Americans to him. Now I don't believe any of this but many left wing blogger believe these things. But they think it's the Republican party pulling strings behind the scenes. Thing sure aren't getting better around the world that's for sure. But to blame the Republicans,Dick Cheney and Haliberton is just stuck on stupid funny. Our friends and enemies not only don't respect us they don't fear us anymore either. Now if North Korea blows up one of our or South Korea ships what will we do? Will we just sit there all stupid debating NK intentions? Will we sanction them with teeth this time? Will we blame Bush and look to the UN for guidance? Or will we beat the living shit out of that country until they can't stand up against us again? And if we blow them deeper into the third world this time we better not rebuild them. War could become these countries recovery strategy since they know we rebuild countries we go to war with. Now one comment I seen from a lefty blogger is that a war with NK and China would help slow down China's economy and population growth. Are we really just like locusts to the left? Would "Mother Earth",a pagan god, really be better off if millions of people in China die and stop using energy? We have all seen what the left is capable of doing so be prepared for anything. These are crazy times. It wouldn't take much to send the world into WW III. Pray for peace and our enemies.