Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Santorum Is Gaining Ground

Voters are making a move away from Newt to Santorum. Conservatives need to get out and vote. We need to get behind a strong conservative. The time has come for us to start thinking about who has the best chance to beat Obama. The Obama admin. has made it a point to bring harm to religious freedom. This is a major voting block and the Republican candidate needs to be someone they can embrace. This is your chance to sell your candidate as being the most electable. I'd like to know what you are thinking and why. What's the best way to get Obama out of office? What should the candidates focus on?

To the liberal readers out there. What are your thoughts about the candidates? Who do you like and dislike the most? This is your chance to sell your candidate, Obama. What has he done to deserve a second chance? What can he do now that he couldn't do when he had a majority in both houses of congress?