Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Do You Think About Our Government Run School System

Our school system is atrocious. There are some great teachers and some great schools within the system. The blame seems to always come down to MONEY. We have been told for decades that money will fix it. And every time we the people and tax payers are being told we just need to give it time and more money. If we don't give the money to the system we are told we don't care about the kids. We've tried this way long enough and it  hasn't worked. I could go on and on and on about all the things that are breaking the government educational system. I'd like to know what you think we need to do to FIX the educational system. If you are a union teacher tell us what the union needs to do to FIX the problems within themselves. If you are a parent tell us what the parents need to do to FIX the system. And should we just scrap the whole system and start over again? It would be nice if at first you give your perspective. Mine is as a parent of a poor underfunded Lutheran school that gets the best grades in the school system by far. And as a parent of a public school child from pre-school to kindergarten. He has special needs. I have had a great experience with the teachers at his new school. But the school he was in last year was nothing to write home to mom about. The good teachers tell me how hard it is to be good when the system is against them. If I had my way I'd privatize the whole educational system with strict state government oversight and very little idf any federal oversight. Please speak your mind on the video of Stupid In America as well.