Friday, April 30, 2010

Have You Ever Played "If I Win The Lotto"?

These are hard time in South East Michigan. Heck these are hard time around the world. My wife and I almost never play Lotto. But sometimes when the pot gets huge we buy a ticket. In hard times when things aren't going so well it's cathartic to talk about what you would do if you won that $108,000,000 lottery prize. It's a great way to have your mind take an escape from the reality of your real life. We would buy this and that. We think of how great it would be if we won all that money. We would make the little bit of the world around us as Heaven on Earth as we could make it. And after the dreaming ends and we find out we didn't win we get back to the real grind of life.  This morning when I got my boys up for school and they were sitting eating their breakfast we started talking like we always do. It started out talking about love. I asked my 5 year old who he loved. He went down the list. At the end of that list I asked his if he loves Jesus. He yield our a resounding "YES". This brought us to talking about Heaven and how cool it must be. We talked about what it will be like when we are all in Heaven together. We talked about what Heaven is and what we think it would be like to be in Heaven. We was a great talk that reminded me of winning the Lotto. What a feeling it must be like. It seems in my boys and my minds Heaven is better then winning the Lotto but without all the "stuff". It was a lot of fun escaping for a moment and meditate on Heaven with them. But it reminded me of the great escape God is and the final gift of Heaven. I think the next time I want to spend a buck to dream a little dream of "If we won the lottery" we are going to save that $1 and dream of Heaven and all it's riches. I'm not righting this to convert anyone. I'm sure you've all heard about Jesus and now it's between you and Him. But if you choose to talk about Heaven with your family have fun with it.  What's the worst thing that can happen if you talk to your loved ones about what Heaven is like? You might like it or you might not. But the look in their eyes when they talk about that is great. It's the same look as when they were scared at night I told them to call for Jesus and He will take care of those "monsters". They loved the fact that could call on Him to protect them. They are never afraid of those "monsters" and what's bigger then God for taking care of our fears?