Thursday, February 18, 2010

In Hard Times People Do Crazy Things

Official: Pilot left anti-IRS Web noteWhat a shame. This man had a problem with life and the cards he was dealt so thought he would kill some IRS workers. This man was crazy. Not a right wing nor a left wing wacko. He was just a wacko. He burned his house and then this. Thank God,once again,THANK GOD no one but this psycho was killed. I'm afraid that as more and more Americans loose hope and income they will start doing crazy things like this. We have been seeing a rise in crime and violence because of the economy. This isn't Bush's fault,Obama's fault,Democrats or Republicans fault. It is one man acting on his own to bring distruction onto the Federal government IRS. Please spend some time to talk to God tonight. Ask Him to be with all the people in the world. He is where hope is. We are the greatest nation the world has ever known. And with the help of our Lord and Savior we will get through this hard time better then we were before these times. For any of you that might be loosing hope,don't. Those that made it out of the
Great Depression came out better for it. We are still "one nation under God". And as long as you believe that then you have hope. God bless you all both left and right.

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