Friday, February 25, 2011

Union Agitators Say Christie Is a 'Terrorist' Who Would 'Shoot' Workers

At today's pro-union rally in Trenton, N.J., pro-union demonstrators had some choice words for N.J. Governor Chris Christie.
Isn't it great when someone ask these protesters questions? We find things out like, teachers wont teach the children as well as they do now if they don't get what they want. I can't believe the sick things coming out of these union protests. These people are unhinged to the Nth degree. And it only just started. The more we see the less we like of them. I feel sorry for the people that are entrusting their kids to those teachers. It's a scary world out their and these people just make it even scarier. At least they are keeping the violent rhetoric down after Rep.Gifford. They are so respectful.

Union Activist Force Sexually Degrading On Female Legislators: This Is Why We Must End This

By Tim Carpenter
Kansas Republicans accused organized labor activists Thursday of forcing female legislators to endure sexually explicit and degrading comments while passing into the House chamber before a vote to end automatic deductions from paychecks for union political causes.
Democrats and a representative of the Kansas AFL-CIO disputed the GOP claims, and both sides pointed to video evidence to support their interpretation of events.

 I can't believe what these unionist are like. It's as if they are animals. I'm sure the lefties will make up excuses or just brush it off. But when a man sprayed it instead of saying it the left turned it into the end of days. I'm still waiting for a video of someone spitting and calling names. I'm affraid this isn't going to be the end of this kind of thing. Just remember to turn the other cheek,duck and counter.

Get A Refund From Your Union It's Your Right

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This is a great thing. Has your union not represented you and your ideology? Do you feel like your union dues are going to promote Progressivism rather then promoting the union members? Well get your money back. I just put in for my money back. Hey, even if you are totally for the unions and just need cash now. Please take the time to send this to everyone you know on your email list. . Times are hard and people are in need of cash. You know, "spread the wealth" and "social justice". This is real justice and it is the law. It is that easy and it is you right. We the people are getting sick and tired of going into our pockets to keep the government unions happy. It's we the peoples time to be happy for a change.

Open Thread: Tea Party Shows It's Strength

The vote ended three straight days of punishing debate in the Assembly. But the political standoff over the bill – and the monumental protests at the state Capitol against it – appear far from over.

Hot Video:Public Sector Unions vs. America
New Video of Wisconsin ad:

Wis. Assembly Passes Controversial Budget, Union Bill

The vote ended three straight days of punishing debate in the Assembly. But the political standoff over the bill – and the monumental protests at the state Capitol against it – appear far from over.

Governor Walker and the Republicans in both chambers are willing to make the hard choices that the taxpayers deserve and the majority want. They are only doing what they were elected to do. If the Democrats knew what was in their best interest of having any reelection hopes they would find their way back to Wisconsin and vote.

We the People that pay taxes in this country are rejoicing that Wisconsin tax payers don't have to reach into their pockets to pay off the unions for voting for the Democratic Party. Republicans and conservatives need to get on the phone or email their governors TODAY. If we are to put our economic ship back on course we need to get all the states to rain in their spending and taxing. Tell them that you and the TEA Party will back the governors if they rain in the union monapoly.

The unions and left-wing are organizing. The Democratic Party better tell these unions and protesters to keep it peaceful. We don't need any more Democrats telling an inflammed group to get "bloody". We are watching you. Now get back to work and do the job we hired you to do. And you better do it well or we will fire them.

Have fun protesting and voicing your freedom to speak. But don't swear in front of children. Don't use the children to threaten the tax payers. You know how they tell us that they can't teach unless we give them raises? The unions and Democratic Party have treated the tax payers and businesses like crap. We pay your bills. And if the unions think that they can play power games then they will find out that their are 20 people out there that would gladely take their jobs. The unions are going to find out that we the tax payers are their bosses. Now it's high time they start treating us like their boss instead of their golden goose.

It still baffles me how the conversation remains dishonest, and the media allows it. This entire debacle is about GOVERNMENT WORKERS – not THE WORKING MAN. These two couldn’t be further from each other. The working man produces much more than it costs to allow him to produce; the government worker produces NOTHING, and costs his fellow citizens a fortune. And, for what reason, really? Anybody?

This government worker crap is one of the biggest shams ever perpetrated on, unfortunately, a very unwitting public. It’s long, long overdue that unions are slapped around a bit so they understand who pays the bills around these parts.

I'd love to see President Obama keep his promis to this one. It was 2007, and then-Sen. Barack Obama was on the campaign trail in South Carolina trying to drum up support for his presidential platform. During a stump speech he made an interesting promise: should union collective bargaining privileges be threatened (such as they are in Wisconsin), he would “walk on that picket line”:
“And understand this: If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I’m in the White House, I’ll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, I’ll walk on that picket line with you as President of the United States of America. Because workers deserve toknow that somebody is standing in their corner.”
Here is how Scott (my hero) Walker got elected in progressiveville Wisconsin.

Plain speaking Scott was a hit and people noticed something different about this candidate.  But did a Republican REALLY give back hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary when he was a County Exec?  Yes he did.

Perhaps the ad that clinched it for Scott Walker was also the commercial that featured President Obama and earned kudos from CNN:

Never forget we surround them!